Monoblock Filling Systems

Monoblock Filling Systems

A monoblock filling system is a packaging system that combines multiple pieces of packaging equipment on the same frame or chassis.  The packaging equipment will almost always include a filling machine and capping or sealing equipment, though this is not a requirement.  The monoblock filling system offers several advantages over automated, inline packaging systems.

In general, a monoblock filling system will consist of a starwheel that will move containers from one piece of packaging equipment to another by simply turning the starwheel in a consistent manner.  One of the most obvious advantages of a monoblock filler is that the space required for the packaging equipment is reduced from that of traditional inline systems.  Long and complex conveyor systems for transferring bottles or containers are replaced by the single starwheel.  Individual, stand alone packaging machines such as liquid fillers, capping machines and container cleaning equipment are replaced by components serving the same function, but surrounding the starwheel.  For facilities with limited space, the monoblock may be the only alternative for automating their packaging system.

Depending on the packaging process - including the bottles, caps and product being used as well as the machinery - a monoblock filling machine may be an economical choice versus an inline packaging system.  The cost of a single monoblock system can save money when compared to purchasing all the individual machines required to do the same on an inline system, depending on what packaging components are included on the monoblock filler.  For certain applications, a monoblock filling system may also increase the speed of the packaging process by taking control of the bottles, vials or other containers and removing the need to send them down a conveyor system.  

The starwheel, driven by a servo motor, allows for simple speed adjustments and completely synchronized packaging processes.  Each turn of the starwheel delivers the bottle, vial or other container to the next packaging process.  A simple PLC control assists in set up of delay times, duration times and other functions of the packaging components featured on any given monoblock system.  These simple controls can reduce labor costs and keep production running consistently and efficiently.

Another advantage of the monoblock filling system lies in the ability of the packager to choose the specific packaging functions that are needed.  As mentioned above, a monoblock system will almost always include a filling machine and some type of capping machine or closure system.  From here, a packager is free to include whatever packaging equipment is needed or desired on the monoblock.  Rinsing machines, inductions sealers, labelers, nitrogen purge systems and more can be included on the system.  This freedom of design allows each packager to create a unique packaging system for any given product.

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