Monoblock Packaging Machinery Attracts Attention

Monoblock Packaging Machinery Attracts Attention

In addition to a piston filling machine at this years PACK EXPO show, Liquid Packaging Solutions also built a demonstration machine on a monoblock frame to show off some filling, capping and sealing components as well as an alternative to inline packaging systems.  The monoblock system garnered attention from a number of different industries during the show.

For the exhibiting booth, the monoblock system was set up with three different types of fill nozzles, including an overflow nozzle, a standard non-sanitary nozzle and a sanitary style nozzle.  With these three types of nozzles, LPS was able to demonstrate the range of products that can be handled by the different filling machines manufactured at the company, though these three represent only a small sampling of the available nozzles for the different liquid fillers.  The monoblock machine also included a stainless steel chuck capping head as well as a capsule spinner.  These components were included to help packagers understand that any number of different packaging machines can be added to the monoblock system to create the best possible solution for the specific packaging project.  

The monoblock system garnered attention from a number of companies producing distilled spirits.  Several craft distillers were interested in the system because it would not use excess production space and fit their needs for medium sized production runs.  The companies also liked the idea that specific components, such as the capsule spinner, could be added to meet the needs of their specific products.

Both cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies also inquired about the monoblock system.  The smaller packages (nail polish, syringes, droppers) could be handled by the monoblock starwheel system.  For containers without flat or stable bottoms, pucks may also be used to move them through the monoblock system.  Also, again, the special components such as brush placers or plugs could be added to the system to customize the monoblock to a specific project.

We also saw several companies, including food and beverage packagers and packagers of household goods, who inquired about the monoblock system for special project runs, including a move to pouches from rigid containers.  These might include smaller container sizes that are not run as often, holiday packaging or even trial runs of new products.  These companies spoke of adding a monoblock system to already existing packaging systems so as not to have to interrupt regular production runs for special, or limited, runs.

While not replacing complete, inline turnkey packaging systems, the monoblock packaging system has gained popularity and has its place a one of many possible solutions for a packager.  To learn more about the monoblock packaging system, inline systems or any of the equipment manufactured by LPS, browse our website or give us a call today!