Moving Into 2022 With Liquid Packaging Solutions

Bottle and product loading, transferring and accumulating can be just as important as the machinery doing the rinsing, filling and capping for those using automatic packaging systems. Without the ability to quickly move containers from one machine to another, the system simply loses the speed and efficiency for which it was likely employed. At Liquid Packaging Solutions, turntables and conveyors are manufactured to load, move and accumulate a wide range of packaging.

Turntables are often used at both the beginning and the end of a packaging line. Loading turntables at the front end of a packaging system create a quick and simple way to get empty containers onto the conveyor for delivery to the rinser, filler, capper and other equipment. These turntables include a bottle guide system that allows an operator to place empty bottles anywhere on the turntable top. The guide system then supplies the bottles to the main conveyor for movement through the packaging machinery. Accumulating turntables, on the other hand, are often seen at the end of the packaging line. These tables, minus the bottle guide system, allow finished product to be gathered and packed or otherwise prepared for shipping.

Turntables may also accumulate product within the packaging system, for quality control checks or other tasks. Smaller turntables are sometimes employed on a conveyor system to simply change the direction of the flow of bottles as well. These ninety-degree changes in direction allow for the packaging line to be set up in different configurations such as a horseshoe or an "S" rather than simply running in a straight line.

Conveyor systems are often thought of as the conveyor that moves bottles from one machine to another, like the circulatory system of the packaging line. While this is the most popular use for conveyors, they can also help with loading, accumulating and other packaging tasks. Turntables are a great option for loading bottles, but non-round bottles can actually create jams or tips on a turntable. Laning conveyors will often be used to load non-round bottles onto the packaging line. These special conveyors include a loading table for boxes or other bulk container packaging. Non-round bottles are placed into lanes which then present rows of bottles to the main conveyor system. Lanes are easily adjustable to accommodate a range of container sizes making changeover quick and easy.

Conveyors are also used within the packaging line for cooling or at the end of the line for accumulating product. Cooling conveyors allow an extended space for packagers that hot fill products, allowing liquid to set or cool before the capping process, to avoid damaging product or packaging. Accumulating conveyors simply gather product to, like turntables, assist in packing or otherwise preparing finished product for shipping. Conveyors can be manufactured in assorted styles and even shapes to meet the needs of individual packagers.

While other methods for loading, transferring and accumulating are available for packagers, a vast majority of projects will use turntables and conveyors to move product through their system. For more information on conveyors, turntables or other options, contact LPS today!