Moving the World - Power Conveyors

Moving the World - Power Conveyors

Just a reminder that we are offering special pricing on all of our conveyor systems this February! From low profile conveyor systems, to stainless steel conveyors and sanitary style setups, just mention this blog to our salesman when you call in and receive the February discount.

Our conveyor systems can be manufactured to handle just about any product, from lightweight plastic bottles to heavier cartons and containers.  The power conveyors will use guiderails to stabilize bottles as they pass from packaging machine to packaging machine, accumulate product for packing or any other function necessary to your individual project.  Conveyor speed is easily adjusted using either a simple speed pot or, in the case of filling machines, capping machines or other packaging equipment, using a simple touch screen interface through the packaging machine control panel.

Different conveyor systems also offer different advantages.  Low profile conveyors allow the systems to fit into tight spots where space is limited.  Curved conveyor sections can also take care of space limitations, offering options to a straight line, single direction conveyor.  Stainless steel conveyors are compatible with a large number of different products and sanitary style conveyor systems help keep the entire packaging process sanitary while making clean up quick and easy.  Even HDPE systems are available for products such as acid or bleach that might cause undue wear and tear on metal conveyors.

Specialty conveyors can also be manufactured to assist in loading bottles or cooling product when a project calls for the same.  Loading, indexing conveyors allow operators to place bottles into lanes, which are then introduced to the main conveyor system to be taken to the liquid fillers, capping equipment and other packaging machinery.  Cooling conveyors can take many different forms, from straight, wide conveyors that accumulate filled bottles to multi-tiered serpentine conveyors, with each allowing certain products to set or cool before moving to the next packaging phase.

Whether you are looking for a brand new conveyor system or an add on conveyor for an already existing packaging line, Liquid Packaging Solutions can help.  Take advantage of our February special and call a Packaging Specialist toll free today at 1-888-393-3693 to learn more about conveyor systems and all of the other packaging equipment offered by LPS!