Multiple Uses for Conveyors on a Packaging Line

Setting up an automatic packaging line will typically include the installation of a power conveyor system to move bottles from one packaging machine to another. Without the conveyor to move containers, rinsing machines, liquid filling machines and capping equipment all lose a good portion of their effectiveness, as bottles would need to be manually transferred to each machine. While likely the most important use of power conveyors, these packaging machines can benefit a business in several other ways as well.

Loading Conveyors

Placing conveyors at the beginning of a packaging line can help packagers to load containers onto the system in an efficient manner. Loading conveyors, sometimes referred to as laning conveyors as well, offer an alternative to bottle loading equipment such as turntables or unscramblers. Loading conveyors are especially useful when dealing with non-round, glass bottles or other materials that may not work well with turntables or unscramblers. The laning conveyor uses a large loading table that allows an operator to quickly offload empty bottles from boxes into rows, or lanes, on the conveyor, which are then presented to the main power conveyor for delivery to the rinsing machine, filler and other equipment that makes up the packaging line. This simple process avoids bottle jams or bottle breaks that may occur with the turntable or unscrambler.

Cooling Conveyors

Typically found between the filling and capping machine on a packaging line, cooling conveyors serve a particular purpose for a specific type of product. Items such as candles, lipstick and deodorant are heated to a liquid form before being dispensed into their respective containers. Cooling conveyors extend the dwell time for products between the filling and capping machine. This extended time allows product to cool or settle before being sealed in the bottle or container, avoiding damage to both the product and the packaging. Cooling conveyors may be one long conveyor belt or a serpentine layout and may even contain multiple levels to aid in cooling. Fan systems can also be integrated into the conveyor to assist in the process.

Accumulating Conveyors

Once products are filled, capped, labeled and prepared for the shelf, packagers use a variety of methods to gather finished items and prepare them for shipping. Conveyors also offer one method of accumulation. As products move or accumulate on the end conveyor, employees can place individual items in cases, boxes or even on pallets. Packing tables can also be attached to the conveyors to make the packing process easier and more efficient. In addition to accumulating products at the end of the line, conveyors may be used at any point on a packaging system for quality checks, to accumulate products for manual tasks such as labeling or coding or for any reason unique to the packagers process.

Power conveyors can add efficiency to a process at almost any point on the packaging line. From loading and accumulating to cooling and transferring, these machines can be employed to meet the unique needs of many different products and businesses. Explore power conveyors at Liquid Packaging Solutions to find the best solution for your own packaging process.