Nitrogen Purge Compliments Liquid Fillers and Capping Machines

Nitrogen Purge Compliments Liquid Fillers and Capping Machines

The filling machines and capping machines manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions are used across a wide range of industries, loading and sealing an even wider range of products.  From bottled water and other beverages to foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and even pet treats, many of these products are ingested or used on the human body.  These type of products are often prone to breaking down through a process known as oxidation, triggered, as one might guess, by the presence of oxygen.  Even though a bottle is filled and a cap is quickly placed on top of that bottle, oxygen trapped in the head space can reduce shelf life and have other negative effects on a product.  The solution lies in the correct use of a nitrogen purge system.

The nitrogen purge system is used on a packaging line to replace oxygen in the head space of containers once they are filled, but just before being sent through the capping machine to be sealed.  Nitrogen is used to purge the oxygen because nitrogen is a colorless, odorless, tasteless and generally inert gas.  In other words, nitrogen in the head space of the bottle will not break down the products mentioned above as quickly or in the same manner as oxygen in the head space.  Using the nitrogen purge machine just after the fill is completed or just before the cap is tightened down helps to extend the shelf life of the product while also protecting the taste, odor, color and/or texture of the product.

Most of the time, a nitrogen purge station can be attached right to the power conveyor already being used for an automatic packaging system.  However, for facilities with more than one packaging line, a portable frame purge system can also be manufactured.  Of course, custom purge equipment can also be designed for special projects.  Given that most of these machines are only purging head space, nitrogen purge systems will work with almost any type of liquid filler or bottle capper, regardless of size or shape, though tiny bottles and large bottles will usually require some custom manufacturing.    

Some packagers will also use a nitrogen system to strengthen brittle bottles as well.  These systems are set up prior to the fill, usually consisting of the introduction of a liquid nitrogen that turns to gas upon entering the container, adding strength to otherwise frail bottles. If you would like to learn more about nitrogen purge systems, or any of the packaging equipment manufactured by LPS, simply browse our website or call toll free to talk to a representative!