Nitrogen Purge Systems from Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.

While the main focus of the machinery manufacured at Liquid Packaging Solutions revolve around conveying, rinsing, filling and capping liquids, many of the individual machines built by LPS will also cross-over to work with non-liquid products as well. Obviously, power conveyors that carry containers from one packaging machine to another whether the product inside is a liquid or a solid! The same is true of the nitrogen purge system from LPS, which can work to protect both liquids and powders in the packaging process.

In general terms, a nitrogen purge system works to replace oxygen in a container or headspace where the product is negatively affected by the oxygen. Nitrogen gas provides a colorless, odorless alternative to oxygen that will will not cause oxidation or break down certain foods and other items. Replacing the oxygen with nitrogen results in a longer shelf life as well as the retention of the original flavor, color and texture of many different products.

Of course, the oxygen that is removed from bottles or bottle headspace must not be allowed to renenter that space or the purpose of the purge is defeated. For this reason, nitrogen purge systems are typically placed after the bottle is filled with product, but only just before the capping takes place. This timeline makes sense to ensure that the nitrogen not only displaces the oxygen but is also captured by sealing the container immediately after the purge.

These machines can be manufactured to work with a variety of machinery, though they are usually placed inline to purge on an automatic system. Custom machinery has been manufactured to purge both liquids and powders in a variety of different applications. While extended the life of the product is the most common use, others do exist. Some packagers, for example, may use a liquid nitrogen injector on empty bottles to add strength when the bottles are especially brittle. Though not found on every packaging line, the purge systems are popular in the Food & Beverage Industry, the Cosmetics Industry, Pharmaceuticals and several others.

To learn more about these systems, visit the Nitrogen Purge section of the LPS website or call the LPS office to speak with a representative.