Nitrogen Purge Systems Protect Many Products

Ever see a half eaten apple turning brown? Or other fruits getting blemishes and spots on them? Oxidation can be a destructive force for a number of different products, with food among the most susceptible. Nitrogen purge systems from Liquid Packaging Solutions are manufactured to protect against the detrimental effects of oxidation to give products a longer shelf life.

Though to some the name may suggest getting rid of nitrogen, a nitrogen purge system actually replaces oxygen in a container with nitrogen. Nitrogen is an odorless, colorless and tasteless gas that will not have the same detrimental effects as oxygen. noted above, when it comes in contact with foods or other products. So not only does the replacement of oxygen with nitrogen extend shelf life, but it can also help to maintain the taste, color and texture of products as well.

Purge systems are most typically found on automatic packaging systems, to be used along with a power conveyor system. The most common location for a nitrogen purge machine is after the filling machine and just before the capper, allowing nitrogen to replace the oxygen just before the container is sealed. This process keeps most oxygen out of the sealed container leading to the benefits described above. Purge systems may use nitrogen gas or, in some cases, a liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen may be used to strengthen brittle containers, moving the location of the system to a pre-fill position. The liquid nitrogen turns to gas upon being released in the bottle, expanding and reinforcing the container.

Not all nitrogen purge machines will work with inline, automatic packaging systems though. Liquid Packaging Solutions has manufactured custom purge systems for specific customer needs, including a stand alone cap and purge machine used to ensure maximum oxygen depletion with each cycle. Just as our Packaging Specialists would with any other machine, the design and manufacture of the purge system will depend on the need, space, production demand, container and many other factors as well.

Of course, not all packagers will use nitrogen purge, as some products are not negatively affected by the presence of oxygen. And not only liquid packagers can benefit from a nitrogen purge, as oxygen can have a negative effect on powders and solid foods as well as liquids. If you are not sure if your process would benefit from the addition or inclusion of a nitrogen purge machine, feel free to contact LPS to learn more about the systems and their various uses.