No Need to Travel To A Galaxy Far, Far Away for Packaging Machinery

While Liquid Packaging Solutions does not yet provide packaging machinery across the galaxy, on this May the Fourth, packagers on our globe can get filling machinery, capping machinery, conveyors and more - along with packaging services such as consultation, integration, installation and training - from the Indiana plant of LPS.

LPS conveyors systems, to the best of our knowledge, do not yet carry droid parts from one assembly station to another. But they do move many different bottles and containers, in all shapes and sizes, to assist in rinsing, filling, capping and other automatic packaging tasks! The products prepared by LPS filling machines also do not, to the best of our knowledge, supply any seedy cantina's here on Earth or on any other planet. But LPS liquid fillers do fill bottles with distilled spirits, other beverages, cleaners, chemicals and a number of other liquid products for the shelf! And though we have not checked closely, we are unaware of LPS capping machinery sealing bottles of thruster lubricant for any Empire or Rebellion Space Fleets. But LPS capping machines do seal all of the products mentioned above and more with screw-on type caps, snap on lids, ROPP caps, corks and any other closure that a packager can imagine!

As for packaging services, LPS will assist in identifying the best equipment or any packager based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to, the labor available, the speeds necessary and any unique characteristics of the products being packaged. Almost all equipment produced by LPS can be made both automatically and semi-automatically, meaning we can meet the needs of packagers both large and small. Installation, integration and training services by LPS technicians help to ensure machinery is used correctly and safely while also efficiently producing product. Whether your base is located in the swamps of a well-hidden rural area, a wooded land with strange, furry creatures, or a metropolis with strange beings from every edge of our world, LPS can also help install and start equipment to make sure the packager is ready to run it from Day One.

On this specific fourth day of May, our equipment and services might be available only to those packagers functioning on Earth. But by both building machinery and providing after manufacturing services (which also includes spare parts not scavenged from desperate people in desert areas!) we can say with certainty that working with LPS to set up your packaging line will create a relationship that is out of this world!

From everyone here at LPS - May the Fourth Be With You!