Not Just Liquid Packaging Machines

As our name implies, Liquid Packaging Solutions specializes in finding the right packaging machinery for those packagers that are preparing liquids for their customers. These liquid packaging machines may be used for beverages, pharmaceuticals, oils, soaps, shampoos and many other fluids. However, while the equipment that we do manufacture will normally be used for liquids, much of this same equipment can be employed by packagers of non-liquid products as well!

While liquids cover a wide range of products, from thin liquids like water to thick products like honey and pastes, there are obviously products that still fall outside of the broad definition. But even for powders and solid products, LPS equipment can be utilized. For example, power conveyor systems from LPS are ideal for moving products and containers from one liquid packaging machine to another. These same power conveyors can move solid products, parts, components or any other item down a packaging line. In other words, though we usually build these power conveyors for liquid products, they are not limited to liquid products. Both loading and unloading turntables can also assist on packaging lines for almost any product. These machines can help prepare containers for the packaging process or help to accumulate products for chores such as bundling, packing or shipping.

The same is true of many of our capping machines. Though normally built for inclusion on a liquid packaging system, our cappers can screw on, snap on or otherwise affix closures for non-liquid products as well. The concern for the capping machine is the bottle or container, and the closure being used, rather than the product being packaged. Labeling and coding equipment are also similar to the capping machines, with both the label and the code being placed on the package rather than the product, these machines work with both liquid and non-liquid products. Labeling and coding machines can be used on a wide variety of packages, from bottles to boxes to bundles and more.

Finally, nitrogen purge systems may often be used with solid, food like products as well as liquids. In both cases, the removal of oxygen from headspace in a container allows for a longer shelf life while preserving the taste, texture and color of the product. So remember, just because we SPECIALIZE in liquid products does not mean that Liquid Packaging Solutions cannot help you package other products as well! Even if you are not moving liquids through a filling machine, LPS equipment can help with loading, accumulating, transferring, capping, sealing, labeling bundling, packing and so much more.

For more information on any of our packaging machinery, or to learn more about the options available to liquid and non-liquid packagers, feel free to browse our website or contact our Sales Department toll-free at 1-888-393-3693.