October Specials for Your Packaging System!

This month Liquid Packaging Solutions is featuring two liquid fillers and a semi-automatic chuck capper on our Specials Page! For more information on each of these products, continue reading, or simply click on the link below to see all of our current specials!


Semi-Automatic Overflow Filler with Uniframe Options

Our first October special is the Liquid Packaging Solutions Semi-Automatic Overflow Filler. This filling machine features aluminum frame construction and comes standard with two overflow fill heads.

The overflow filler is ideal for filling thin to medium viscosity products as well as products that foam! This liquid filler is easy to changeover for different bottle sizes and includes simple operation with footswitch and/or push button fill cycle start! Easy height adjustment, fingertip knob fill head adjustments and FDA approved tubing make the overflow filler perfect for a wide variety of filling projects!

In addition to the liquid filler on this machine, the uniframe design allows you to add additional components to your packaging system! A handheld chuck capper can be attached to the liquid filler frame for quick and easy capping at the same packaging station. You may also choose a labeling machine to add to your filling machine to make the system a complete fill, cap, label system. Other options are available as well, such as coding machines, induction sealers, bottle rinsing machines and more!

The ability to pick and choose the packaging system components that specifically meet your needs makes the Semi-Automatic Overflow Filler with Uniframe Options a good choice for many packaging projects!

Tabletop Pump Filler

Product too thick for the overflow filling machine? Take a look at Liquid Packaging Solutions tabletop pump filler! This filling machine is ideal for thicker products as well as products with particulate. The pump can be chosen for your specific product type, to ensure a good fill in the most efficient manner!

The machine comes standard with one fill head, but can be upgraded to two or four fill heads by adding additional pumps for each additional fill head! Operation is easy, as the user simply slides the container under the fill head and steps on a footswitch to dispense the pre-determined fill amount. Quick and easy changeover on this fill machine also allows the machine to handle a number of different container types and sizes!

Semi-Automatic Tabletop Chuck Capper

As an alternative to the handheld chuck capper on the overflow uniframe system, Liquid Packaging Solutions offers a semi-automatic tabletop chuck capper! This capping machine is ideal for low volume capping applications or production where space is limited!

This machine is also simple to use, as the operator simply places a cap on the bottle and slides the bottle into position. The chuck capper head then descends and tightens the cap, preparing the bottle for the next phase of packaging! The chuck capper works with a variety of different cap sizes and types, making it a viable option for almost any packaging system!

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