One Stop Shopping for Packaging Equipment

At Liquid Packaging Solutions, we manufacture so many different types of packaging machines, that it would be hard for even our own employees to provide a complete list of all of the equipment we've built! But LPS works in an industry where the solutions vary far and wide, based on many different factors, including, but not limited to, the product being packaged, the package itself, and the components such as caps and labels. In addition, each packager will choose different levels of automation, so where some will use a simple filler and capper, others will use machines to unscramble empty bottles right through to palletizing cases of finished product. For this reason, LPS works with a number of other equipment manufacturers to be able to offer our customers all of the equipment they need direct through LPS.

Of course this means the integration of packaging equipment from other manufacturers with the equipment that we manufacture is a crucial part of our business. For example, LPS may manufacture a power conveyor system, rinsing machine, filling machine and capping equipment for a packager. However, if that packager also wants to automatically pack and palletize at the end of the packaging line, LPS will procure the equipment for those tasks from manufacturers that specialize specifically in those areas. In almost all cases, though, the equipment will come to the LPS facility so that the complete line can be staged and tested for functionality.

Integration benefits the packager by allowing one point of contact for all equipment, allowing for the efficient design, set up, manufacture and testing of all of the equipment. There is no need to coordinate lead times with multiple manufacturers. No need to ensure that all manufacturers are on the same page. Through the integration service, LPS does all of the coordination for you! Allowing you to focus your energy on current production, setting up the building, marketing and other important aspects of the business.

In addition, the parts and service department at LPS can assist with troubleshooting for many of the OEM machines, as well as the equipment manufactured by our own company, though the OEM's can always be reached if their expertise becomes a necessity. And LPS keeps in stock a wide range of spare and wear parts not only for LPS equipment, but for OEM equipment as well.

So while we pride ourselves on the equipment we build and stand behind that equipment, we also take pride in the relationships that we have made with others in the packaging industry. It is through these relationships that we can even better serve the needs of our family of customers. For more information on LPS equipment, integration services and turnkey packaging solutions, call LPS to speak with a Packaging Specialist today!