Packaging Equipment for Cleaners and Household Products

The average family keeps a lot of liquid-like items in and around the house for a number of different purposes. These products can range from dishwashing liquid, liquid soap and floor cleaners to scented oils, waxes and even candles, with a number of items in between. From the examples, it is clear that cleaners and other household items run the gamut from free-flowing liquids to thicker viscosity products and even solid items that will be heated to fill before being otherwise packaged. For these reasons, a variety of equipment can be used to package cleaners and household products, and each project will be analyzed to find the best machinery for the job.

Bottle Rinsing Machines

Container cleaning equipment like bottle rinsers are used to remove dust and debris from containers before the products are introduced. When dealing with cleaners and chemicals, some packagers might choose to use a rinsing machine for a couple different reasons. First, some cleaners may be negatively affected or contaminated if excess dust and debris is added to the solution. Other products in these industry categories may be packaged in clear, see-through containers, where excess dust and debris would be unpleasing aesthetically. Both air and wet rinsers will be found in the industry, with air rinsers probably holding the edge, as they do not produce the liquid waste that the wet rinsers produce. Most rinsing machines will invert containers to complete the rinse, but bottle vacuums may also be used if a container is oddly shaped or heavy so as to make turning containers for a rinse difficult.

Filling Machinery

As noted above, liquids in the cleaners and household products category can range from water-like to extremely thick or even solid! For this reason, the types of filling machines used for these products will vary greatly. Window and countertop cleaners may be filled with an overflow or gravity filler, popular machines for free-flowing liquids. Molten products and other thicker items may be more easily packaged with a pump or piston filling machine. Differences will also be seen depending on the principle necessary, such as volume, weight or even a level fill. With cleaners and household products, the product and needs of the packager will always need to be looked at closely to choose the ideal machinery for the project.

Capping Machinery

Like filling machines, the capping machines found in the cleaners and household products category will vary, but one will likely appear more than the others. Spindle capping machines handle all different types of continuous thread, screw-on type closures. Screw-on caps can take many different forms, from flip-tops that you might find on floor cleaners to trigger sprayers on window washing fluid or even pumps on some liquid hand soaps. Chuck capping machines may also be used with screw-on type closures and in certain circumstances may provide a better solution than the spindle capper. Though other types of caps may be used, the majority of products will be sealed with a spindle or snap capping machine.

Of course, other equipment may also be used for a variety of different reasons based on the needs of the packager. Some items may use induction sealers, coding equipment and, of course, labeling machinery. The machines, as well as the type of machine, to be used on every individual project will depend on a large number of variables, which is what makes almost all Liquid Packaging Solutions equipment custom in one way or another. To learn more about the different equipment available to packagers, just browse our product categories at the left!