Packaging Equipment for Pet Supplies

With April 11th being National Pet Day, what better day to talk about packaging pet supplies! From pet medications to shampoos, conditioners and treats, pet supplies come in a wide variety of viscosities, from water-like to thick creams. For this reason, the equipment used to package pet supplies can also vary greatly depending on the products, containers and other components of each individual project.

Filling pet products will depend greatly on the viscosity of the liquids being filled. Most pet supply products are lower viscosity, free-flowing liquids that can be handled by gravity fillers or overflow filling machines. However, some pet supplements and medications may be higher viscosity gels or creams for different animals. These products may require a little extra help during the filling process, making pump or piston fillers a better choice. As noted above, the variation in pet supply products means the equipment used to prepare those products will change from project to project, and just about every type of filling machine can be found in the pet supply industry.

Like any industry, the capping machines used to seal bottles and other containers will depend on the type of closure used in packaging. Many products in the pet supply industry will use some type of continuous thread closure, making both the spindle capper and the chuck capper popular machines in the industry. Continuous thread caps, or screw-on type caps, can be simple flat caps, flip-tops, trigger sprayers, pumps or some other form of closure. However, as long as there is a continuous thread, the spindle capper or chuck capper can get the job done. Most packaging lines running some type of pet supply will include one of these two capping machines, though exceptions do apply for unique packaging or caps!

Finally, labeling machinery allows for the application of labels in a variety of manners, from wrap labels on round bottles to front and back or panel labels on other bottle types. Quick and easy labeling allows the packager to not only introduce their products to pet owners, but also lets the pet owners know exactly what is in the products being used on dogs, cats, horses and other animals.

From simple tabletop packaging lines to fully automated inline solutions, Liquid Packaging Solutions can handle just about any liquid pet supply. To learn more about the different options and equipment available to prepare pet products, contact a Packaging Specialist at LPS today.