Packaging Equipment to Make Dreams Come True?

Can packaging equipment make dreams come true? That may be a little bit of a stretch, but on World Dream Day, Liquid Packaging Solutions is proud to assist many of our packagers in achieving their own dreams!

At LPS, packaging equipment such as rinsing machines, filling equipment and capping and sealing machinery is manufactured every day for products and packagers across the United States and around the world. Our family of packagers includes both large, Fortune 500 companies packaging a multitude of products as well as smaller packagers who may focus on one or two products in a local or regional area.

For many smaller packagers, their products are a large part of their own personal dreams of starting a business and creating a product or products. From craft distillers and other beverage makers, to specialty candy projects, cosmetics and much more, manufacturing packaging machinery over the years has brought LPS and our own employees in contact with many unique and creative products that may not have been discovered otherwise. A rewarding part of building equipment for these products is our role in bringing them to a wider audience, allowing others to discover these products as well.

Of course, to serve packagers large and small, LPS equipment must be built to meet the different needs of different packagers. These differences exist both in the products and in the packaging process. While filling machine options exist for different products, and different capping machines exist for different closures, different levels of automation also exist to serve different production demands. Both automatic and semi-automatic equipment is available for almost every piece of equipment manufactured by LPS.

Large companies running many products with high demand will require automatic equipment that can produce thousands of finished products each day. A new packager with a unique product breaking into an industry may not have the need or the budget for such equipment. At the same time, hand filling, capping and labeling products may be too time consuming and inefficient even for a new product. Semi-automatic, labor-driven equipment provides a solution that allows consistent, reliable and efficient packaging without breaking the budget.

So whether your dreams involve shipping products around the globe or providing a unique product for a regional audience, LPS will work with each and every packager to find a solution that meets the specific aims and goals of each project, and hopefully, on World Dream Day or any other day, help make someone's dream come true!