Packaging Industry Growth Expected


Many people are surprised to learn that colleges and universities around the United States are beginning to offer degrees in Packaging Technology, with several having well established packaging programs already.  However, when one stops to consider that this industry is a multi-billion dollar industry it is no surprise that educators have dedicated a course of study to packaging.  The packaging industry, from products to packaging to packaging machine manufacturers like Liquid Packaging Solutions, has an effect on almost every individual.  Considering the above, it is no surprise that the packaging industry is expected to boom in the next five years.

While the packaging industry has become large enough that it helps drive the economy, the economy also drives the packaging industry, and not just in a financial sense.  The recent economic crunch was pretty much felt around the world.  As a result, consumers began a trend toward looking for greater value.  Similarly, sustainability and recycled packaging have come to the forefront recently as not only a way of saving money, but saving the planet as well.  As certain plastic bottles and other containers give way to new types of plastic, bags and other, "greener", packages, machine manufacturers must find innovative techniques for packaging lines.

Innovation in the packaging industry leads to the choices that consumers see on the shelves on an everyday basis.  Current packaging innovations include "intelligent" packaging, which includes freshness indicators and time temperature indicators on the packaging itself.  Such innovations lead to greater security and safety for the products and the consumers.

Product safety can be achieved in a number of different ways in the packaging process.  Container cleaning equipment such as rinsing machines and bottle washers help to remove dust and debris from bottles before they are filled with product.  Liquid Fillers with a sanitary design offering varying degrees of protection through the product pathway.  Nitrogen purge systems can be added to filling equipment and capping machines to prolong product shelf life.  Induction sealers, neck banders and shrink wrap bundlers can all be used to create tamper evident packages.  All of these packaging processes help to ensure that a clean, pure and safe product will reach the end user.

Of course, packaging also has a main goal of selling products and making money.  As much as consumers attitude in the recent economy have shifted the focus toward greater value, consumers continue to look for convenience in packaging as well.  Single serve food items, individual bottles of water and other beverages, easy to carry cosemetics and many other products are packaged to make life easier for the consumer.  In turn, packaging equipment, from liquid fillers to cappers to labelers and more, must be designed to handle a wide range of container types and sizes.  

Furthermore, a product package must catch the consumers' eye, as very few, if any, products are without competition.  The packaging industrys answer for advertising is usually some form of labeling or coding on the product package.  From logos to nutritional information to company backgrounds, labeling machines allow companies to present their products in whatever way they see fit.  Labeling machines apply decorative and informative labels in a number of different formats and allow a product to advertise itself on the shelf.

Overall, most who think about the packaging industry probably imagine little more than stuffing a product in a box and sticking it on a shelf.  The truth is, the packaging industry and the economy are closely tied together.  As a multi-billion dollar industry, the packaging industry creates a number of job opportunities in a number of different fields, from packaging design to engineering, marketing, sales, manufacturing and more.  Global issues such as recycling, sustainablity and the economy must not only be considered in the packaging industry, but are all effected by the industry.  Take a moment to consider the steps that were taken to get your favorite product to the shelf the next time you make a purchase.   

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