Packaging Machinery - Cleaners and Chemicals

Packaging Machinery - Cleaners and Chemicals

Cleaners and chemicals can present unique packaging challenges stemming from both the product itself as well as the cleaner or chemical packaging.  Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactures conveyor systems, liquid fillers, capping machines, turntables and more to ensure that even the most harsh chemicals can be packaged efficiently and securely.


Certain chemicals and cleaners, especially industrial cleaners and acids, may not react well with stainless steel and other metals commonly used to manufacture belt conveyor systems and other packaging machinery.  In these situations, HDPE belt conveyor systems can be used to move product and containers down the packaging line.  Using HDPE helps to prolong the useful life of the conveyor system where drips, spills and fumes may cause metals to corrode quickly.  Of course, not all cleaners and chemicals are damaging to the metal materials, and standards stainless steel or aluminum conveyors can also be used for packaging these products.


Liquid fillers, like the belt conveyor systems, can be manufactured using HDPE frame materials as well as non-metal materials for product pathways and contact parts.  The corrosion resistant filling machinery can use a number of different filling principles that allow the fillers to handle a wide range of viscosities as well.  Again, where interaction with stainless steel is not an issue, standard frames and nozzles can be used for containers and cleaners on the filling machines.


In general, standard capping machines will work with cleaners and chemicals, given the fact that the product has already been packaged and the capper simply secures the closure.  However, some harsh chemicals may emit harmful fumes - harmful to employees and/or the packaging machinery.  Fume extractors may be added to standard capping machines in the cleaners and chemicals industry.  Capping machines for these products will still be determined in part by the type of bottle and cap being used.  Spindle cappers and chuck capping machines are the most common capping equipment used for cleaners and chemicals.  


Again, standard labeling equipment will normally work for cleaners and chemicals because, by this point in the packaging process, the bottle has been filled and sealed.  The decorative or informative labels can then be applied to the cleaners and chemicals in a variety of manners.  Front labelers, front and back labelers, wrap labelers and custom labeling machinery allow many different options for getting a cleaner or chemical ready for the shelf, lab or any other final destination.


Where chemicals need to be pure or uncontaminated, container cleaning equipment may also be used on a packaging line for these products.  Standard rinsing machines will normally work as these packaging machines perform their job before product is introduced.  The container cleaning equipment ensures that dust and debris are removed from the bottles before product is introduced, keeping the packaging process sanitary.  Turntables, unscramblers, coding equipment and packing machines may also be added to a packaging line for cleaners and chemicals, based on the individual needs of the company and the product. 

If you would like more information on packaging machinery for acids, bleaches and other cleaners and chemicals, contact a Packaging Specialist at Liquid Packaging Solutions toll free at 1-888-393-3693.