Packaging Machinery and Existing Lines

Packaging Machinery and Existing Lines

Many new customers of Liquid Packaging Solutions are already packaging their product when we first meet them.  A frequent question is whether or not our automatic packaging machinery can be integrated to work with an existing power conveyor system.  In other words, can we build a liquid filler, wet rinser and/or capping machine to add to their existing packaging line?  The simple answer to this question is yes, but a little more information will help to ensure that the machinery added to the existing packaging system will achieve optimal performance.

Of course, to provide the proper packaging equipment, whether a customer is looking for a single machine or an entire packaging system, we need to know the products, containers and caps being used on the line.  Each of theseOnce the basic information has been gathered, some additional information regarding the existing machinery will help fine tune the individual packaging machines.

For example, the line height of the existing packaging system and the type of conveyors used will have an effect on the manufacturing of the packaging machine.  If a company wants to add a new spindle capper to an existing line, the height of the conveyors may have an effect on the capping machine.  Most capping machines built by Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. will be constructed for a 36\" line height.  However, the capping machine can be manufactured to work with just about any other line height for existing packaging lines.  The type of conveyor used can have a similar effect.  Low profile conveyors, C-frame conveyors, sanitary conveyors and other custom designs may have an effect on the standard frame or height if adjustments are necessary to make the capping machine work with the existing packaging system.

Another consideration to be taken into account is the production speed of the existing packaging system.  A company looking to add a rinsing machine or liquid filler will want to ensure that the speed of the individual machine will not hinder the performance of the rest of the packaging system.  If a packaging line is set up to complete 80 pieces per minute, it would not make sense to add a new filling machine that only fills 40 bottles per minute.  On the other hand, a company may want to invest in a filling machine that finishes 120 bottles per minute or more, allowing room for the rest of the packaging line to grow in the future.

If you are looking to add or upgrade individual packaging machines to your existing packaging system, contact a representative of Liquid Packaging Solutions today!  The experience and knowledge of our packaging specialists will ensure that the right factors are taken into consideration and that the added machinery will have a positive effect on your current packaging line!  Our representatives can be reached toll free at 1-888-393-3693!