Packaging Machinery Benefits - Shelf Appeal

While packaging machinery can be used to quickly rinse, fill, cap or otherwise prepare products, there are several other benefits to using automatic equipment as well. In addition to accurate filling, reliable sealing and more, packaging machinery can work to improve and increase shelf appeal of many different products.


Clean packaging and product can obviously be crucial to shelf appeal. Rinsing equipment from Liquid Packaging Solutions uses air, water, other cleaning solution or some combination of cleaners to remove dust and debris from containers that may be visible in bottles or may contaminate product. Keeping both containers and product clean and free of contaminants helps to ensure an overall sanitary packaging process and ensures safe and effective product.


While some products may not be visible prior to purchase, and others may be filled by weight or volume, overflow filling machines are unique in that they fill to a level. For products that are packaged in clear containers, this allows for an aesthetic line when products are lined up on the shelf. But whether filling to a line or by weight or volume, LPS filling machines ensure that the end user is receiving what they expect, in the amount that they expect, adding to shelf appeal.


Capping and sealing equipment can not only add an aesthetic aspect to packaging, but it can help to make the consumer feel safe when purchasing a product. Caps, neck bands and other types of sealing secure a product and can also provide tamper evidence for products. In addition, caps, bands, capsules and other unique closures can add a special visual aspect to products that may draw consumers to the product while keeping the product safe.


Of course, labeling equipment can allow a packager to present information on a product. Labels can be decorative or informative, and in most cases will be both. The label can include ingredients, instructions or other information, while also presenting a logo, trademark or other identifying mark to set a product apart from competition. These machines allow labels to be applied in a number of different manners, including wraps, panels, front and back and more.

While shelf appeal can include many different items, including convenience and the ability to recycle a package or product, packaging machinery can help a packager use the components of their package to enhance shelf appeal! For more information on packaging machinery, including those pieces of equipment mentioned above, contact LPS to discuss your own project.