Packaging Machinery for Start Up Companies

Packaging Machinery for Start Up Companies

While it is true that some companies will start up with a nationwide or even world-wide customer base, this situation is rare.  The more common start up company will introduce product to a specific region or area and from there try to expand to the level desired, economics being the obvious reason for such a strategy.  Not only is it easier to get noticed in a smaller region or area, but it will also cost less in marketing, production and, many times, equipment.

Liquid Packaging Solutions specializes in complete turnkey automatic packaging systems, but the company is well aware of the evolution of a product or packager.  As a manufacturer of packaging machinery, LPS also knows the value of working with a company as they grow from a start up to a national or even a Fortune 500.  For this reason, LPS offers not only fully automatic turnkey packaging systems, but a complete line of semi-automatic packaging equipment as well.

For many start up companies, space is an issue.  Without a warehouse or production floor, there is simply no place to put an automatic packaging line, even if one is desired.  LPS offers tabletop liquid fillers, capping machines and labeling equipment that will allow for consistent and reliable packaging without the need for excessive space.  These machines will require manual labor, such as placing and removing bottles under fill heads, setting the cap in place and positioning the bottle for label application.  While tabletop machinery does come with a small footprint, there will be a maximum capacity with these machines, and if a company experiences significant growth, tabletop machinery may lose its usefulness.

For companies that expect quick and significant growth, semi-automatic bottle rinsers, filling machines and capping machinery can be manufactured on the same frame as automatic machinery.  Manufacturing semi-automatic packaging machinery in this way creates more room for the equipment to grow with the company.  As an example, consider a four head semi-automatic filling machine.  As production demands grow, a company can add additional heads to the semi-automatic machine, increasing the ability to fill bottles.  The four head machine will become an eight head semi-automatic filler.  In time, the company may even add a PLC and a new program, along with an indexing system to turn the semi-automatic filler into a completely automatic machine.  Production demands may double or triple, but the same filling machine will get the work done.  The same is true of rinsing machines and capping equipment.  Semi-automatic machinery may eventually be turned into automatic equipment if production demands so warrant.  

Of course, custom packaging machinery can always be manufactured where a packagers needs are unique.  The semi-automatic equipment used for any start up company will be chosen based on a number of different factors, including the product, the package, speed required, personal desire and many other traits of the specific project.  To discuss your project with a Packaging Specialist at Liquid Packaging Solutions today, simply call our offices!