Packaging Machinery Offers More Than Just Speed

Discussions about packaging machinery always seem to include a conversation about bottles per minute, or production speed, and rightfully so. One of the main reasons for adding packaging machinery to a project or facility is to increase the output of product. However, the benefits of packaging machinery do not begin and end with speed. While the benefits will change with each project, there are a number of positive impacts that will almost always be present.

To begin with, packaging machinery offers consistency that can seldom be matched in an efficient manner by hand packaging products. For instance, a filling machine can fill to a specific level or volume consistently and quickly, whereas doing so by hand would be time consuming to say the least. Consistency also goes hand in hand with reliability. Capping machines ensure that each and every closure is sealed in the same manner, removing the chance of loose caps or seals, or inconsistent tightening that comes from fatigue and repetitive motion. So in addition to speeding up the process in almost every case where packaging machinery is added, it makes that same process more reliable and consistent.

Packaging equipment can also turn a chore in to a simple process. Returning to the capping example above, rather than requiring the manual handling of each and every bottle and cap, packagers using an automatic capping machine can simply load bulk bottles onto the conveyor and caps into the feeding mechanism and let the machine do the rest of the work. All packaging equipment from Liquid Packaging Solutions is designed to be easy to set up, change over and operate, with most automatic machines including centralized control panels, greatly reducing downtimes as well as production times. Of course, less manual labor also means a reduced labor force, which can significantly cut costs for those packagers with high demand and output requirements.

In addition to cutting labor costs, the purchase of packaging machinery allows for certain tax benefits in the form of deductions and depreciation that can free up cash flow to allow money to be spent in other areas of the business. While these benefits can change from year to year, 2017 still allows significant benefits for qualifying equipment. For those planning to purchase in 2017, speak to your tax professional to ensure you get the most out of your equipment and your tax incentives!

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