Packaging Machinery Questions Lead to Solutions

Liquid Packaging Solutions, as the name suggests, strives to assist packagers in their search for the best packaging solution for their unique processes. The search itself is a process, and questions asked by both packagers and LPS Packaging Specialists will help to guide that search.

We understand that many of our customers may have limited, or no, experience with packaging machinery. In other cases, a packager may be familiar with filling machinery from years of use, but have no idea how the capping equipment works as they search to automate that component of the process. Others may be familiar with semi-automatic equipment, but new to fully automated systems. At LPS, we expect and encourage questions from packagers as a way of learning of the different options and seeking out those that will best suit individual needs. For example, a company producing 1500 units per hour may ask questions about how many bottes semi-automatic and automatic machines can produce. While this is a great question, it will not, in this case, determine whether semi-automatic or automatic equipment will work the best. Other packagers may ask questions about which capping machines can handle screw-on caps as well as why one might be preferred over another. Each of these questions helps the LPS representative narrow the focus and identify the best solutions.

However, the packager will not be the only one asking questions. LPS Packaging Specialists have literally decades of experience with packaging machinery. In many cases, our representatives may ask questions that packagers, and especially new packagers, did not realize were relevant. For instance, the packager running 1500 units per day may field a number of follow up questions from the Packaging Specialist. How many workers are available? How many hours per day will you operate the equipment. A packager may also be asked how often they changeover products. While this may seem irrelevant to a new packager, different filling machines require different processes for changing over or changing products. A company that runs many products in a day will want a solution that allows for quick and easy changeover to avoid downtime due to maintenance, cleaning and adding the new product. Potential growth of the company can also be a major factor, to ensure the solution agreed upon will not become quickly obsolete if and when the company expands.

In the end, more questions typically results in more detailed information. And more detailed information can lead to a more defined and accurate packaging solution. For a question and answer session with an LPS Packaging Specialist, or just a conversation, contact the La Porte, Indiana plant toll-free at 1-888-393-3693.