Packaging Machinery Spotlight - Corrosion Resistant Filling Machine

Packaging Machinery Product Spotlight - Automatic Corrosion Resistant Filling Machine

Stainless steel is an incredibly resilient material, able to work with almost any product that is being packaged.  This is, of course, the reason that stainless steel filling machines, container cleaning machines, conveyors and other equipment are so popular in the packaging industry. But, as noted above, stainless steel will work with almost any product.  Certain chemicals react with stainless steel in a negative manner and can shorten or end the life of your filling machine or other packaging equipment.  Bleach, for example, contains chlorine - one of the few chemicals that can cause staining on stainless steel.  (Stainless steel is so named because it is much more resistant to staining, not because it is incapable of staining.)  Bleach can also cause damage to the chromium film found on stainless steel that provides the protection against rust, staining and corrosion.  Yet products such as bleach and other harsh chemicals must still be packaged for the consumers and businesses that need them.  Automatic Corrosion Resistant Filling Machines allow harsh chemicals, bleaches and acids to be filled without excessive wear and tear on the packaging equipment. 

Automatic Corrosion Resistant Filling Machines will remove all stainless steel materials from the product pathway and, in many cases, from the entire liquid filler.  Plastic tanks, HDPE filler frames, Teflon tubing and plastic valves can all be used – dependant on the specific product being filled - to provide a route for bleach, acid or other products to move from the supply tank to the final bottle without damaging the packaging equipment or severely reducing the life of the filling system.  In addition, the HDPE construction helps to protect the filling equipment against product spills, drips and splashes that might otherwise stain or damage stainless steel fillers. 

Acids, bleaches and harsh chemicals are also more likely to create a hazardous environment than most soap, sauces, bottled water or other beverages.  Fumes given off by certain chemicals may require an all pneumatic filling process or other hazardous location or explosion proof type construction. Like all of the filling equipment manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, corrosion resistant filling equipment can be manufactured to accommodate those packagers who work in a hazardous environment. 

The Automatic Corrosion Resistant Filling Machines may use several different filling principles depending, in part, on the viscosity of the product to be packaged.  These fillers are available with as few as two fill heads to as many as sixteen heads and are normally manufactured to allow for the easy addition of fill heads at a later date up to the maximum sixteen. Operators can easy control fill times, indexing times and many other features of the filler with an easy to use touch screen operator interface.  Power height adjustments and other tool free adjustments allow for quick and easy changeover from one bottle to another.   Also like other filling machines, a variety of options can be added to the corrosion resistant filler to optimize performance with each unique product and package being run. 

To complement the corrosion resistant filling machine, HDPE corrosion resistant conveyor systems are also available to safely move the bottles through the filling process. Corrosion resistant belt conveyors can provide protection against spills, drips and splashes and prolong the life of the packaging system as a whole.  To learn more about corrosion resistant filling machines or any of the other liquid filling equipment manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, call us toll free today at 1-888-393-3693.