Packaging Machinery Wear Parts


Packaging Machinery manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions is built to interact with the product, bottle, cap or other piece of the product package.  As a result, almost every machine includes contact parts or wear parts that may need replacement over time to keep the packaging machine operating efficiently.  Some of the more common packaging machinery wear parts are discussed below.  


On an automated packaging system, conveyors are the highway system that get your bottles and other containers where they need to be when they need to be there.  Without the power conveyor system, the other automatic packaging machinery simply loses its ability to perform efficiently.  Imagine having to carry each individual bottle from the filling machine to the capper, then from the capper to the labeler.  Although in some cases stand alone automatic machines can be useful, automatic packaging machinery really requires automatic conveyors to reap the maximum benefit of the equipment.
The conveyor belting will be aligned using sprockets.  The belting and the sprockets will always be in contact with one another, as will the bottle or container with the conveyor belting.  Over time, both the belt and the sprockets may require replacement due to normal wear and tear.  However, the useful life of both of these components can be lengthened through simple cleaning and maintenance.     


Most automatic liquid filling machines will be running product through their lines for a minimum of eight hours a day.  In facilities with more than a single shift, there may be product running through the filling machine tubing twenty four hours a day.  Depending on the product, filler tubing may require replacement due to product build up in the line or simply for sanitary reasons.  Multiple products may require dedicated tubing to avoid contaminating one or both products.  Again, using a clean in place system or other method for regularly cleaning filler tubing can prolong the life of the tubing.
The actual product being run or even the environment in which the packaging machine resides can also have an effect on fill head components.  O-rings and fill head seals may break down over time, but again, routine maintenance and cleaning procedures can help to avoid these issues. 


Different types of capping machines include different wear parts.  Spindle cappers utilize gripper belts to stabilize bottles as they are capped and spindle discs to apply torque to the cap as it moves through the process.  Each of these components of the spindle capper will wear over time due to simple contact with the bottle and cap.  Operators of the spindle capper can prolong the life of wear parts by ensuring that the belts and discs are properly adjusted so as not to cause undue friction or wear.  Constant replacement of either the belts or the wheels is a sign that the capper may need adjustment.
Chuck capping machines utilize a rubber insert to grip the cap and apply consistent torque.  Over time, the contact and pressure applied to tighten caps can cause the insert to wear.  Again, constant replacement of the chuck insert is a sign that the capping machine may need adjustment.
Of course, other packaging equipment such as rinsing machines and labeling equipment also include contact parts and wear parts.  Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc., stocks a full range of replacement parts for all of our packaging equipment.  If you have questions about your packaging machinery, concerns regarding the life of certain wear parts, or just need to order some spare parts, contact our Parts Department toll-free today at 1-888-393-3693.