Packaging Machines and Shelf Impact

Packaging Machines and Shelf Impact

Anytime the shelf impact of a product is discussed, the conversation will probably start with the product labeling.  This is to be expected as the label is truly the way a product introduces itself to the consumer.  The label may contain a logo, motto, nutritional information, expiration dates or a great many other pieces of information.  So obviously the labeling equipment would be a large part of any conversation regarding packaging machines and product shelf impact.  However, other packaging machines can also effect shelf impact, though in more subtle ways.


After labelers, the filling equipment may be the packaging machines with the most effect on shelf impact.  This is especially true when dealing with products such as bottled water, glass cleaners, syrups and other items that are often packaged in clear bottles.  Products in clear bottles require consistent fills to a certain level to allow a clean and crisp fill line when placed on the shelf.  Imagine a case of bottled water with each and every bottle filled to a different level sitting next to a case with every bottle filled to the same level.  Whether you believe it a logical thought process or not, most consumers would choose the case with the consistently filled bottles.  The erratically filled case of bottled water may lead some to believe they are getting cheated out of product, while others may worry about product tampering.

Along those same lines, filling machines can have an effect on the shelf impact of products that are not packaged in clear bottles as well.  Again, the effect stems from the consistency of the fill.  A consumer that purchases an item that contains a different amount of product at each purchase will probably shy away from that product.  Almost everyone has bought a bag of potato chips or other similar snack food, only to open the bag and find it one quarter or halfway full.  This may not stop us from purchasing the product in the future, but note the negative feelings associated with the purchase.  The consistency and reliability of filling machines brings them closer to the labeler in terms of affecting the shelf impact of a product.  


Container cleaning equipment consists of rinsing machines and bottle washers that remove dust, debris and contaminants from a bottle before the filling process.  It is not difficult to imagine the effect these packaging machines can have on the shelf impact of a product.  No one wants contaminated product, nor do they want to find dust and debris in their product, especially when the product is a consumable.  Like labels, the bottle can set the product apart from the competition, in both a good way and a bad way.  A unique bottle can peak interest, a dirty bottle can have the opposite effect.  These packaging machines allow for a clean and pure presentation of your product on the shelf.


Capping machines effect shelf impact in the same manner as filling machines, offering consistency and reliability.  Consider the number of products that include foil, or induction, seals, child-proof caps, protective neck bands or other components that allow the consumer to ensure that the product has not been opened or tampered with prior to purchase.  Capping and sealing machines create a repeatable, secure closure on each product container.  The end result is a product on the shelf that consumers come trust.  Just as no one would purchase a bag or carton that was opened on the shelf, consumers are not going to flock to most products where caps fall off or can be opened and closed with ease on the shelf.


Nitrogen purge systems are used pre-fill, post-fill or pre-cap to remove oxygen from the product container.  The effect of the removal of oxygen is to increase the shelf life of a product while maintaining the color, flavor and taste of the product.  Obviously, these packaging machines are used most often on food and beverage products.  The effect on shelf impact is, as stated, a longer shelf life.  However, nitrogen systems also ensure that the consumer will repeatedly purchase a product that is ripe, pure or otherwise fresh, depending on the product.  

Some effect on the shelf impact of a product can be achieved using any single packaging machine discussed above.  However, the combined effect of these packaging machines on an automated packaging system is to ensure that your product reaches the shelf ready to appeal to the consumer and set itself apart from the competition.  If you would like to learn more about packaging machinery and how it can help prepare your product, call a Packaging Specialist toll free today at 1-888-393-3693.