Packaging System Growth

Packaging System Growth

If you the packaging machinery offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc., you will notice that "upgradeable" is listed as a standard feature on many of the machines.  This is simply because we understand how a business works!  It's one of many ways we prepare our customers not only for their current needs, but for the expected growth and success of their own business.


Conveyor systems are upgradeable in their own way.  While standard conveyors come in sizes of five, ten, fifteen or even twenty feet, custom conveyor systems are always available.  If a smaller conveyor system is used upon the start up of a packaging line, additional conveyors can be added to the initial system to allow for expansion of the packaging system.  For example, imagine a packaging system that uses an automatic filling machine, but then has manual labor to cap and label the filled products.  As the business grows, conveyors can be added to the initial filler conveyor to allow for the addition of automatic capping machines, rinsing machines or any other packaging equipment.


Container cleaning equipment such as rinsing machines and bottle vacuums can be purchased in semi-automatic models.  Semi-automatic models are ideal for facilities that have small to medium production demands.  Operators of the semi-automatic machinery will place bottles or containers on the rinse heads and then activate the rinsing machine.  However, these machines can be upgraded to automatic machinery if the business experiences a growth that calls for faster speeds.  In addition, most rinsing machines can accommodate up to sixteen rinse heads.  Some machines may start with two or four heads, leaving considerable room for growth just by adding another rinse nozzle.


The upgradeable aspects of filling machinery are very similar to those of the container cleaning equipment.  Semi-automatic equipment can be purchased that would require labor to place the bottles beneath the fill heads before activating the machine.  This filling equipment can also be converted to automatic machinery if production demands increase.  Semi-automatic and automatic filling machines will normally accommodate up to sixteen fill heads.  Liquid fillers can start with two fill heads, leaving ample room, like the rinsing machines, for future upgrades.


Semi-automatic capping machines require the operator of the machine to place a cap on the bottle and set the bottle in motion through the capping area, which usually entails setting the combination on a conveyor.  Semi-automatic capping machines may add some efficiency, but definitely boost the consistency and reliability of the actual seal on the bottle.  These machines are easily upgraded to automatic machinery by the addition of automatic cap delivery systems.  The operator no longer places the cap on the bottle, but instead just empties bulk caps into a hopper of bowl, which in turn delivers caps to the capping machine and allows for continuous tightening and sealing.

Other packaging machinery can also be manufactured to allow for upgrades in the event of a successful business venture, something that we both expect and plan for when dealing with an individual customer.  If you have questions about what packaging machinery would be best suited for your application, we encourage you to speak with a representative of Liquid Packaging Solutions today.