Packaging System Solutions Made Easy

From time to time, we like to address common questions received from those that call to learn more about our company or equipment. Some of these questions are specific, such as the cost of a specific packaging machine. Some are quite general however. One very common recurring question is "Can you guys do this?".

In almost all cases, the answer to that question is yes. Though it would be great to say the answer is always yes, there are a number of things, from technology to unreal expectations to simple cost prohibitive and labor-intensive requests that may stop Liquid Packaging Solutions from taking on a unique project. However, unique projects are also those projects for which LPS custom machinery is manufactured. Our packaging equipment, from single machines to complete turnkey lines, are always custom designed for the specific project at hand. Rather than pull a machine off the shelf and send it to a packager, hoping that it fits their needs, LPS modifies, or custom builds, machinery to meet the needs of the bottles, caps, labels, speeds, and of course, the products that are being packaged.

Such modifications can be as simple as changing construction material from stainless steel to HDPE when a harsh chemical is being packaged. Other customizations may require bottom up design starting with concepts from engineering for oddly shaped bottles, quickly filling pouches, inserting brushes in a specific manner or any other number of processes that a packager would like automated. But whether quick and simple modification or more detailed customization, our job at LPS is not to simply build machinery, but to work as a partner with packagers to build the best machinery for their specific project. Customizing the machinery to the project is the only way to ensure that the packaging system solution makes the process easy, as well as efficient, for the end user.

But even after the machinery is delivered to the production floor, LPS design benefits and assistance continue. Most packagers plan and hope to grow and expand as their business and products mature. Whenever possible, LPS designs machines that allow for easy future upgrades, such as designing a manifold and fill bar that allows additional heads to be quickly added to a filler. To make the packaging system solutions easy for the packager, the job of LPS begins before the machinery is built and extends far in to the packager's production process, ideally forming a packaging partnership beneficial to all involved.  So while the answer to "Can you guys do this?" will vary, we will always consider each project on a case-by-case basis and try to find a solution that allows us to answer in the affirmative!

To learn more about the LPS process of designing, building and servicing packaging lines, or to discuss your own specific needs, contact a Packaging Specialist at LPS today.