Parts Sale Alert!

The Spring months have come and gone here at Liquid Packaging Solutions and we seem to have missed our opportunity to partake in the annual cleaning process! The result? Lots and lots of spare parts inventory on our most popular packaging machines. So, we've decided to do some SUMMER CLEANING! Select filler, capper and conveyor parts are now on sale at discounts of up to 10% through the month of July!


Overflow filler parts on sale include rubber seals for the fill heads, complete fill head assemblies, indexing cylinders and more. Gravity and Pump filler parts are also available at a discount during the month of July! Filler nozzles, tubing and fill head assemblies are just a few of the parts you can get at reduced prices! Even if you are just looking for a back up sensor or a few extra O-rings, give us a call toll free at 1-888-393-3693 to restock those spare parts!


Capper parts will be on sale through the month of July, too. If you need chucks or chuck inserts for your chuck capper, take advantage of the reduced prices now! Gripper belts and gripper discs are available for spindle cappers as well as gear boxes and motors! Even if you have a specialty capper, call during July and we will give you our best price on replacement or spare parts!


Various turntable and conveyor parts are also available thru July at discounted prices. Whether loading or accumulating turntables, we have hubs, railing, turntable controllers and turntable tops in stock. Conveyor parts on sale include railing, brackets, knobs and belting. We have many different conveyor belt types and sizes in stock! Some specialty conveyor belting is available as well!

From everyone at Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. - Happy Fourth of July! Enjoy the holiday weekend - the food, the fireworks, the fun - and then take advantage of our overstocked parts inventory! Call us toll free at 1-888-393-3693 to get a quote on any and all replacement or spare parts for your packaging machinery! You can also email to request a quote on parts!