Peristaltic Pump Fillers from Liquid Packaging Solutions

Each filling project will have its own set of unique characteristics that will best be served by a particular type of filling machine. Projects range from large fills to fills that are a fraction of an ounce. Products range from thin, free-flowing liquids to highly viscous pastes and putties. While peristaltic pump fillers can fill a wide range of product types, they are particularly suited to small fills where a sanitary process is desired.

The peristaltic pump filler will allow for accurate volumetric fills without product contacting the body or components of the pump. The pump uses rollers to compress the tubing and move liquid through the pathway, meaning the liquid only comes in contact with the flexible tubing. Filling in this manner helps keep the process sanitary, which can be a necessity for products like pharmaceuticals.

In addition, the tubing can easily be changed out and replaced. For packagers with a variety of flavors or fragrances, new tubing can be quickly added to the machine to avoid cross-contamination. This, combined with the fact that this pump filling machine can stay accurate even at very small fill sizes, makes the machine ideal for those doing perfumes, colognes and similar products. The quick changeover of tubing also works well with inks and dyes where smaller runs of different colors may be necessary, or for laboratories that may be filling different chemicals or reagents, again avoiding cross-contamination.

Single head, tabletop peristaltic pump filling machines are available for those that have low demand or output, while fully automatic fillers with multiple heads can be manufactured for those with higher demand. Peristaltic pump fillers can work as stand-alone filling stations, be combined with other equipment to complete a full packaging line, or integrate with existing machinery to upgrade the filling process. A user-friendly interface allows for easy modifications to fill times, allowing for the filling of different bottles or containers without extended downtime.

For more information on the peristaltic pump filler, watch a video of an automatic machine working in combination with a chuck capper, or call Liquid Packaging Solutions today to speak with a Packaging Specialist.