Personalized Packaging Remains a Trend in 2019

As anyone in marketing can tell you, connecting with consumers can carry a product to new heights. This is especially true of industries where the competition is high. For instance, it seems like a new beverage hits the market every day, be it a soft drink, energy drink, tea, coffee, water or some other category of drink. Making a connection with the consumer can help a beverage stand out from the competition and, in the end, move more bottles off the shelf.  In today's world of social media and instant connectivity, personalized packaging is on the rise and likely here to stay.

An increasing number of packager are looking to personalized packaging as a way to create such a connection. From nicknames to sports teams to even special private labels, packaging is being used more and more to create that personalized touch. Of course, packaging has always played a part in creating a connection with consumers, with the most well-known packages identifiable at a glance. However, personalizing packaging allows for a more intimate connection, as well as more and varied messages, which in turn may connect with more people.

From a packaging machinery standpoint, equipment for packagers using personalized packaging must focus on quick and easy changeover, as different packages or components can often mean shorter and more varied runs during a production day. The design of the machinery will vary depending on the type of machine being used, but the design will always be done with limited downtime and, wherever possible, tool-less changeover, to ensure the maximum efficiency for the machine or the line as a whole.

For example, a company may produce beverages of multiple flavors with names that are connected to the region in which they are sold. First and foremost, the liquid filling machine must be able to handle the different flavors. A packager may use a peristaltic pump filler that allows different tubes for the different flavors, protecting against cross contamination. Or a more conventional bottle filler may be used with a Clean-In-Place system (CIP) to allow for quick cleansing of the product pathway between different runs.

This same packager may use unique bottles for different regions or flavors, so that the design of the packaging line as a whole must accommodate different heights, widths and shapes without extensive downtime for the changeovers. Simple knob adjustments to conveyor railing and machine components can help minimize such downtime. Finally, different labels will likely be used to identify the different products and flavors, meaning quick changeover of label rolls will also help increase the efficiency of such a line.

Almost everyone personalizing packaging will do so in their own way, with each project requiring different solutions. By designing packaging machinery to be versatile while also allowing for quick changeover, LPS machinery begins as a good fit for personalized packaging, with customization always available for each project's unique characteristics. To discuss your project with a Packaging Specialist at LPS today, simply contact the offices toll-free at 1-888-393-3693.