Piston Filling Machine Provides Extra Push and Versatility

The principle of a piston filling machine is fairly simple. Product is pulled into a cylinder and a piston pushes that product out to bottles or other containers. The fact that the volume of the cylinder never changes means that the piston filler is able to provide a highly accurate volumetric fill. However, these filling machines offer quite a bit of versatility when performing fills, including the ability to provide a solution for packagers both large and small.

Piston filling machines can be manufactured as both semi-automatic and automatic machinery. Semi-automatic machines require an operator to assist with each fill cycle, placing bottles and activating the fill repeatedly until the production day is done. Automatic piston fillers add speed by removing the need for an operator at each cycle, instead requiring an operator to set up the filling machine, including the parameters for each fill, before allowing the product to be filled automatically with the help of a PLC, indexing system and power conveyor. However, the automation levels are not the only example of versatility in piston filling machines.

In general terms, many projects that use a piston filling machine will include viscous products, such as pastes, jams and other thicker items. The piston filler is built to handle thicker products in that the piston itself helps move product that would otherwise not flow freely. The open cylinder also allows products with particulates, such as fruit and vegetable pieces found in sauces and dressings, to pass through the product pathway without issue. Piston fillers allow for consistent and efficient volumetric fills even where the product may not be free flowing. Of course, not all packagers prepare only thick products, as many businesses will package liquids of varying viscosity.

Another aspect of the versatility of the piston filling machine is that it can, in certain circumstances, be used to package both liquids thick and thin. For packagers with a variety of products, it is possible that one piston filling machine can handle all of their different products. This will depend not only on the actual products but also the range of container sizes and other aspects or characteristics of the project.

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