Popular Packaging Machinery - Automatic Spindle Capper

While many different options, both automatic and semi-automatic, exist for continuous thread closures, the automatic spindle capper has been one of the most popular options for many years. After simple set up, including power height adjustments, the spindle capper allows for operator free tightening of many different varieties of continuous thread, or screw-on, type caps.

The automatic spindle capper works with a power conveyor to continuously move bottles in to the capping area. An automatic cap delivery system will ensure caps are waiting for the bottle just prior to entering the capping area. Once a cap is picked up by the bottle, the bottle will be stabilized by gripper belts as the combination of cap and bottle move through sets of spinning spindle disks that tighten the cap by spinning it down. Depending on the bottles and caps that are used, the delivery system, number of spindles and stabilizing components may vary from one project to another. However, the spindle capping machine is a versatile piece of equipment that can typically handle a wide range of caps with simple changeover.

Screw-on type closures can be as simple as a flat threaded cap like those found on bottled water or other beverage containers. But these closures can also include flip-top caps, pumps, trigger sprayers, sports caps and more! While some of these caps, and even unique bottles, can require some adjustments, such as double gripper belts, custom stabilizer bars or custom guides, all of the caps can be run on the automatic machine. In addition, the spindle capper can be integrated in to an already existing line by simply rolling the machine up to the power conveyor in place. It is hard to find a more efficient solution for quickly and consistently tightening screw-on closures than the automatic spindle capping machine.

As noted, the machine includes a power height adjustment, and belts and spindles can be further adjusted using simple knobs or hand cranks. During changeover, both belts and spindles may need to be widened or narrowed to accommodate the bottle and cap being run. Stabilizer bars may need to be changed or adjusted as well, though the adjustment is normally completed with the power height control. In some cases, the second set of gripper belts will need to be added or removed for different bottle and cap combinations.

While other cap types exist, the popularity of threaded caps makes it no surprise that the spindle capper is one of the most requested pieces of capping machinery from Liquid Packaging Solutions. To learn more about the features and options available for this packaging machine, visit the spindle capper page of the LPS website.