Popular Packaging Machinery from Lps

Popular Packaging Machinery from LPS

As packaging trends and preferences change from year to year, so do the manufacturing habits of Liquid Packaging Solutions and other machinery manufacturers.  While some machines remain popular through the changes, others emerge or become more frequent visitors to the production floor.  Below are some of the more popular machines being manufactured at LPS as we move into the second half of 2014.

1.  Automatic Overflow Filling Machines

The automatic overflow filler has been a staple of the LPS product line for quite some time.  This machine uses special nozzles to ensure that each and every bottle run is filled to the same level, even when the bottles vary slightly in interior volume.  The overflow nozzles seal on the bottle opening and release product into the bottle.  As the product reaches a certain level, a return port allows the fluid to exit the bottle and recirculate into the holding tank.  This type of fill also helps to control foam, while leaving clear bottles with ample aesthetic appeal once they reach the shelf.

2.  Automatic Spindle Capping Machines

Spindle Cappers are used to tighen down many different variations of screw on type caps and have been popular for as long as anyone at LPS can remember!  These automatic machines will use a cap elevator or vibratory bowl to deliver screw on type caps to a chute.  From the chute, each bottle will pick up a cap before moving into the tightening area.  Gripper belts will stabilize the bottle while pairs of spindle disks spin down the cap until tighened.  Given that the screw on type cap is probably the most popular type of closure in the packaging industry, the spindle capper is arguably the most popular capping machine in the industry.

3.  Tabletop and Handheld Chuck Capping Machines

Chuck cappers also work well with screw on type caps, however, they are more popular in the handheld and tabletop versions.  In some cases, these machines may speed up the capping process, but they remain popular for smaller production facilities for another reason.  These machines remove the inconsistency that can occur during a hand capping process.  Instead, each closure is tightened to the same torque repeatedly, leaving reliable and consistent seals on each and every bottle.

4.  Power Conveyor Systems

With any automatic packaging system, power conveyors are a must.  Even on individual automatic machines, a power conveyor will usually be included with the order.  The reason is simple, without the power conveyor to move bottles or other containers through the automatic machinery or from machine to machine, the very reason for automating production ceases to exist!  Power conveyors are built for the specific project at hand, including low profile systems, C-frame conveyors, sanitary style conveyors and more.

5.  Bartop Corkers

In the case of the bartop corker, the rise of a specific industry has boosted the popularity of the capping machine.  As craft distilleries have become much more popular across the United States, the demand for a simple, but efficient machine to seal the bottles has risen.  Bartop corkers can be placed along a conveyor system to secure corks, T-corks and other plug type closures on a variety of bottles.  In general, a sealing bar will descend to push the cork type closures into place as the filled bottles pass through the capping area, making this machine an ideal solution for distillers with low to medium production demands.

6.  Tabletop Filling Machines

Tabletop filling machines remain popular for those with lower production demands as well.  These machines have also been boosted by the rise of smaller craft distilleries as well as a trend toward buying local in general.  From spirits to sauces, salsas and many other products, tabletop liquid fillers allow more and more smaller packagers a quick and easy way to prepare their product for the market.
There are, obviously, numerous other machines that are manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions in addition to the six popular types of machines noted above.  If you have a project that you would like to discuss with a packaging professional, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call, or just browse our website for more information!