Portable Packaging Machinery from Liquid Packaging Solutions

Portable Packaging Machinery from Liquid Packaging Solutions

While almost any packaging machine can be manufactured for portability given the right frame, automatic packaging machines are often also referred to as portable packaging machinery.  The portability of the machines are one of the reasons that automatic equipment can be used as stand alone machines or as a part of a complete, turnkey packaging system.

The frames of automatic filling machines, capping equipment or bottle rinsers will almost always include both leveling legs and heavy duty casters.  The casters allow the automatic machines to be moved to any location on the production floor, while the leveling legs are used to adjust the height and level the machine, ensuring peak performance.  In some facilities, and for a variety of reasons, only a portion of the packaging process will be automated.  Many times a complete, automatic packaging system will be built one machine at a time over the course of several years.  

In these situations, portability is key to creating room for the non-automated packaging components of the system, allowing labor to move freely throughout the packaging floor.  In addition, the ability to move a machine allows for quick and easy realignment when an additional aspect is automated in the future.

For completely automated packaging lines, it may seem that portability is unnecessary.  While some systems may be put into place and remain in the same position for years, there are distinct advantages to having portable equipment.

First and foremost, many packagers will handle different products or even different containers for the same products.  Even if a complete packaging system, from power conveyors to bottle rinser, rinser to filling machine, filler to capping machine and capper to labeler, is in place for a product or products, there always exists the possibility of change in the future.  

A new container, for example, may require an insert or even tamper evident packaging not previously needed on the line.  Portable packaging equipment would allow quick and easy line adjustment, with additional equipment able to roll right up to the existing power conveyor system.  Upgrades to bottle fillers or bottle cappers allow new component to be added easily or new machines to simply roll into place once older equipment is removed.  

For those facilities needing portable equipment but less than complete automation, semi-automatic packaging equipment can also be manufactured on a portable frame, including again, bottle rinsers, liquid fillers, capping machines and more.  Much of this equipment also offers the ability to upgrade the machines to full automation, an advantage that allows machinery to grow as the company grows.  

For more information on portable packaging machinery, simply choose the category of equipment that interests you from the list on the left and browse the options available from Liquid Packaging Solutions.  And remember, if you do not see what you are looking for, give us a call, as custom packaging equipment is always available.