Post-Delivery Service for Packaging Machinery

Acquiring new packaging machinery can be an exciting time for a company preparing to produce new products or more products than were previously being filled, capped and labeled. For those new to the equipment and the industry, the excitement can cause a company to overlook some pretty important questions. One of these questions is really very simple but still very important, what happens after my machinery is delivered to my plant? At Liquid Packaging Solutions, we let our customers know from the beginning that our relationship with their company does not end at the time the packaging equipment is delivered.

This question is answered well before the packaging equipment reaches the customers production floor, and actually well before the equipment even leaves the LPS plant. While a simple machine design will help the operators put the machine to use, LPS also offers a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) to allow the customer to get to know their new equipment. During the FAT, the equipment will be run using customer product, containers, caps, labels and other components. The customer can watch the production run at the LPS plant while also getting familiar with the controls and operation of the machinery before it even reaches their facility. Of course, familiarity does not mean that there will not be issues in the future, or that others will not be responsible for the machinery on delivery. LPS offers the following post-delivery services to ensure that production continues to run smoothly long into the future.

Installation & Training

While the FAT ensures that the packaging machinery performs to customer expectations, it will not always include the time necessary to fully train operators on the equipment. Likewise, those present for the FAT will not always be the same people operating the machinery once in house. Finally, components can shift, move or simply need to be disassembled for shipping, meaning set up will need to be performed at the customer plant as well. LPS offers technicians for the installation and training on packaging machinery, from single machines to complete turnkey systems. These technicians will prepare the equipment for the very first production run while training the eventual operators of the machinery on the set up, changeover and actual operations of the equipment, allowing the packaging machine or system to be run efficiently from the first batch of product.

Service & Parts Department

Sometimes stuff just happens. It does! So LPS always has representatives available during regular business hours to help get that stalled machine up and running again or to get that one part out that will keep the system moving into the future. The service department can be reached by phone from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday using a toll-free number (1-888-393-3693) or emailing The service department can help find that one setting on the operator interface causing an inaccurate fill, or help to dial in the spindles on the capper to avoid overtightening of screw on caps. The LPS service department is available for any issue faced by users of packaging equipment, including figuring out exactly what the issue might be. The parts department is co-located with the service department, allowing any replacement or spare parts to be sent out without delay, minimizing down time or even the threat of down time.

Website Chat

A new feature on the LPS website, the web chat allows customers to quickly get in touch with an LPS representative. The chat feature will be manned by different people throughout the work day, but will allow LPS representatives to either quickly resolve issues over the computer or immediately direct the customer to the correct person or persons at LPS to receive the assistance needed. This addtion to the current website is simply one way we try to make it easier for our customers to keep in touch with LPS in addition to email and phone contact.

On Site-Maintenance & Technical Service

Finally, there are rare occasions where machinery may need may need extensive maintenance or new employees may require another round of training. When these situations arise, LPS technicians are available for on-site visits to perform the necessary maintenance or service. Later installs may also be performed on-site if equipment is added to an existing system or upgraded due to increased production. However, routine maintenance performed by the customer on the machinery and keeping in touch with LPS when issues do arise significantly decrease the events that will warrant the expense and time involved in these type of visits.

From the very beginning of the design of a packaging system, LPS expects to have a lasting relationship with any packager using our equipment. As we have said many times before, our success depends on the success of our customers, so that our company, and our equipment, are designed to grow with our customers.