Product Spotlight - Automatic Bottle Vacuum

Product Spotlight - Automatic Bottle Vacuum

For many products, dust and debris build up inside containers before the packaging process begins.  This build up can lead to contamination, lost product and lost profit.  The dust and debris can come from a number of different sources, including simple residue from the production of the bottles themselves or the storage environment where containers are kept until they are ready to be used.  Contamination can be avoided by using container cleaning equipment prior to the filling, capping and labeling of your product.  One of the most popular pieces of container cleaning equipment at Liquid Packaging Solutions is the Automatic Bottle Vacuum.

The Automatic Bottle Vacuum uses dual action nozzles to complete the cleaning process.  The nozzles on this rinsing machine first blow a burst of compressed air into the container to loosen any contaminants.  The nozzles on the rinser then create a vacuum inside the bottle and draw the loosened contaminants into an easily removable waste reservoir.  

The Automatic Bottle Vacuum also uses an indexing system and vision system to ensure smooth and consistent operation.  The indexing system allows the correct amount of bottles to enter the rinse area on the bottle vacuum and positions the containers for cleaning.  Vision systems on the rinsing machine stop the rinse cycle from initiating if a bottle is missing in the rinse area or if bottles have become jammed on the belt conveyor system downstream, helping to avoid costly downtime.

The operator of the rinsing machine can take advantage of the Micrologix PLC to quickly and easily make adjustments to the machine for running different bottles.  The operator interface includes a touchscreen that allows for easy adjustment of rinse times as well as a screen to save these rinse times - and other settings - in order to recall them when the same bottle is run at a later date.

The Automatic Bottle Vacuum can be manufactured with anywhere from 2 to 16 dual action nozzles.  For facilities that need less than the maximum number of rinse nozzles, the rinsing machine can easily be upgraded to the maximum 16 nozzles at a later date.  For more information on the Automatic Bottle Vacuum, click here, or call a Packaging Specialist at Liquid Packaging Solutions toll free at 1-888-393-3693.