Protecting CBD Oils With Packaging

As CBD oils gain popularity, the likelihood of increased regulation grows. Though at this time there is some uncertainty surrounding packaging and other regulations for these products, and regulations may vary from state to state, a packager can add some protection by protecting their bottle!

While there are many ways to provide tamper evidence or other protection to CBD oil bottles, neck banding provides one popular solution for this product when using dropper bottles, a popular package for the oils. Automatic neck banders work in tandem with heat shrink tunnels, automatically stripping a band for the neck of each CBD bottle before passing through the heat shrink tunnel to create a tight, tamper-evident seal around the neck of the bottle. These machines can typically be found on inline systems immediately after the bottles run through a capping machine to screw on the dropper cap.

The bands themselves can be used for more than just tamper evidence as well. While blank or clear bands are available, pre-printed, registered film can also be used to include the company name, product name or any other desired information on the neck bands. Registration marks, though not necessary, can also be included on the neck band film to allow the information to be centered on the band on each bottle being sealed.

For those companies packaging CBD oils on a smaller scale, using a heat shrink tunnel while hand placing neck bands on the bottles offers a cost-efficient solution for local or regional producers with lower production demands. Typically, manual labor will be used to slide on the neck band as the containers move along the conveyor, rather than having a neck bander to automatically strip a band, just prior to the combination of the bottle and band entering the heat tunnel, allowing for the same consistent and reliable seal, but working at a slightly slower pace.

Of course, neck banders and heat shrink tunnels can be incorporated into complete packaging systems for CBD oils that include conveyors, filling machines, capping machines and more, manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions specifically for the CBD oil project at hand. These systems can range from simple tabletop machinery to completely automated lines. For more information on packaging machinery for CBD oils, visit the complete system page or contact a Packaging Specialist at LPS today.