ROPP Capping Machinery For Large and Small Packagers

A Roll-On Pilfer Proof (ROPP) capper is a unique capping machine that threads and seals aluminum shells on a variety of bottles. Unlike threaded caps that are simply screwed on by bottle cappers and twisted off by the consumer, ROPP closures are typically just an aluminum shell without threads or grooves prior to entering the capping area. Instead, the threads and grooves are created by the capping head, forming the shell to the bottle while creating both a reliable seal and effective tamper evidence.

But as unique as the capping heads and machines themselves are, a solution is still available for packagers both large and small. Automatic ROPP capping machinery can be manufactured with one or more capping heads, situated along a power conveyor system and using a cap delivery system to remove the need for operator interaction for every bottle capped. Using an elevator or bowl the shells are delivered to the bottles via a cap chute. As bottles pass by the chute, they will pick up a cap just prior to reaching a position under the ROPP capping head. Bottles are positioned using an indexing system, such as a screw, to ensure both a consistent and reliable seal. Operators of the automatic models set the parameters for the capping process with an easy to use touchscreen interface, ensure bulk shells are available and then simply let the machine do the work! These ROPP cappers can be integrated into completely automated packaging lines, working with bottle rinsers, filling equipment and other packaging machinery along the same conveyor system to create a complete solution for a number of products.

Semi-automatic ROPP cappers may be built in a number of different ways, but the single head tabletop machine is probably the most popular design. The tabletop model, unlike the automatic version, does require operator interaction with each bottle to be sealed. The operator will place the aluminum shell on the bottle, then move the bottle and closure combination in to place under the ROPP head. Finger switches are then used to activate the threading and sealing process. The output speed of the tabletop machines depends in large part on the speed with which the operator of the machine performs. While not reaching the same speeds as the automatic ROPP cappers, these machines can create an efficient process for local or regional distillers, wineries, producers of olive oil and other products that have small to medium production demands.

While ROPP cappers may not be the most popular capping machine in existence, they are the go-to choice for a number of different industries, including those noted above. Click for more information on the Automatic ROPP Capper or the Semi-Automatic Tabletop Capping Machine.