Save Time By Simply Asking Questions!

We understand, new packaging machinery can be intimidating, especially when dealing with automatic equipment for the first time. While the various screens and adjustments on automatic machinery are set up to make operation as simple as possible, there are still many different settings and adjustments to remember. In fact, set up and changeover can often times be a learning process, and operators will improve and become more efficient the more that they perform the tasks. Still, employee turnover can lead to inexperienced operators, which can lead to starting the learning process anew, costing a packager time and money.

So how can a packager speed up the learning curve? Our advice as packaging machinery manufacturers is really quite simple, if you have a question, call us! In more cases than not, Packaging Specialists at LPS can help to identify and resolve issues over the phone to get machinery not just up and running, but running efficiently. We will look at a couple of recent examples using two of the most popular machines manufactured by LPS, the overflow filler and the spindle capper.

Company A had recently hired a new operator for their packaging line. While the overflow fill levels were the same in each bottle on the line, the operator simply could not get it to fill to the desired level. The simple solution stemmed from the fact that the spacers were not adjusted when the company changed over to a larger bottle size, just an oversight when trying to quickly move forward on production. While the phone call lasted a little less than five minutes, the company had spent more than an hour checking for air leaks, adjusting fill times, checking the pump and more. The point of this quick example, as a packager your relationship with LPS does not need to, nor do we expect it to, end with the delivery of the equipment! LPS techs are available to assist, troubleshoot and even re-train if necessary. We encourage every one of our customers to pick up the phone and give us a call if an issue arises and as this story demonstrates, it can benefit all parties involved.

Exactly how does it benefit LPS? First and foremost, our success depends on our customers success, so we benefit from making sure our customers get the most out of their machinery. Secondly, making random adjustments to a machine when something is not functioning correctly can compound the situation. By getting involved early, our techs know what has been changed and what has remained constant and can more easily resolve the problem!

Company B had a spindle capping machine that had been in use for a number of years. Out of nowhere during production one day they began to notice that an unusual amount of caps were not being tightened correctly. After going through several adjustments with the operator of the machine and checking the wear parts, the LPS tech asked again if anything had changed recently, bottles, caps, production speeds? The operator then mentioned that the line had been relocated on the production floor over the weekend. A quick check showed that the capping machine was not quite level on the production floor. A simple adjustment to leveling legs returned the consistency and reliability to the equipment. Again, a simple discussion helped to identify the issue and refocus the analysis. When dealing with packaging machinery the focus tends to be on contact parts or wear parts and settings or adjustments. This simple phone call allowed the anaylsis to start from step one and quickly resolve the issue.

Of course, there are times when the source of the problem may run deeper than a simple setting or adjustment. LPS also offers on-site technical and training services as well as replacement parts when necessary. To get in touch with the Service & Parts Department, simply call toll free at 1-888-393-3693 x 315 or email