Searching For The Ideal Packaging Solution

For those new to the packaging industry, the best packaging machinery for any given project may not be immediately identifiable. Even for those with some experience with packaging machinery may not be able to pick out the best equipment for their project, given the number of different options available. Just the sheer number of different packaging machine is a big reason that Liquid Packaging Solutions consults with and analyzes a project with almost every customer before manufacturing any equipment.

Almost every packaging machine manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions will be custom manufactured in some way to meet the needs of the packager. From conveyors and rinsing machines to bottle fillers and bottle cappers, there are many different aspects to consider before beginning to build. Even for a product as simple as bottled water, which varies little from producer to producer, there can be differences in the machines that are made for a packager.

Of course the product must be considered, as thin products, thick products, products with particulates and other attributes of a liquid can require special characteristics on a machine, such as custom nozzles or diving heads. However, even where a product is similar from project to project, differences in the bottle, the closures, the space available, production demand, growth and other factors can lead to different builds on machinery. This is true of almost any packaging machine as well.

For instance, conveyors must accommodate bottle width while also stabilizing containers. This means extra railing and different widths of belt will be necessary. Rinsing machines typically invert bottles to clean them, but odd shaped containers may require a different solution. Filling machines will use different nozzles depending on the product and size of the container. Capping equipment will depend on the type of closure being used. Production demand and space available will help determine the automation level for all equipment.

These are only a few examples of the many different factors to be taken in to consideration before even beginning to decide on the right equipment for any given project. However, the analysis is the first in a process that will also include the manufacture of the equipment along with the possibility of installation and training if necessary and continued support after production begins. To take the first step and discuss your project with a Packaging Specialist at Liquid Packaging Solutions, simply call the LPS offices toll free at 1-888-393-3693.