Semi-automatic Container Cleaning Machines

Semi-Automatic Container Cleaning Machines

Depending on the industry, cleaning containers before sending them to the filling machine, capping machine and other packaging equipment is a must.  But even for those that are not required to clean their containers, some may choose to do so for aesthetic and/or sanitary purposes.  For those packagers that use a fully automatic packaging line, automatic container cleaning equipment can be added to the conveyor system to knock out the rinsing or vacuuming necessary.  But for those who rely on manual labor or semi-automatic packaging machinery, other options do exist.
Semi-automatic container cleaning machinery, like its automatic counterparts, can be manufactured in the form of an air rinser, wet rinser or even a bottle vacuum.  The difference between the automatic and semi-automatic machinery lies in the way the bottles reach the machine and the way in which the bottle cleaning cycle is activated.  Automatic machinery will use power conveyors, sensors and indexing to rinse or otherwise clean bottles.  Semi-automatic container cleaning machines will rely on the operator of the machine to load and unload bottles as well as activate the bottle cleaning cycle.
When using a semi-automatic container cleaning machine, the operator will normally load bottles in an inverted position onto rinse nozzles.  Most machinery will rinse one or two bottles per cycle, though more can be accommodated.  Once the bottles are in position on the rinsing machine, the operator will simply step on a foot switch to begin the cleaning process.  Air, water or other cleaning solution will then be sprayed into the bottle for a pre-set amount of time during each rinse cycle.  Dust, debris and other contaminants are washed or blown out of the bottle into a rinse basin.  Bottle vacuums work in much the same manner, but add the vacuum component to the cleaning process and will usually include an easily removable waste bag to collect the debris.
Once the bottles have been rinsed, washed or vacuumed, the operator will remove the containers from the nozzles and send them on to the filling machine to allow product to be introduced.  In some cases, a uniframe packaging system may include a rinser, filling machine, capping machine and/or other packaging machinery.  Such a system allows a single operator to rinse, fill and cap bottles at the same station.  In some facilities with lower production demands, the uniframe packaging system can add efficiency and productivity over separate stations for each packaging phase. 
Whether a requirement or a preference, container cleaning equipment can be manufactured for any sized packaging facility.  For more information on rinsers, washers and bottle vacuums, visit our website or call our offices at 1-888-393-3693.