Serpentine Conveyors Save Space for Packagers

Businesses that prepare molten or hot products using automated packaging machinery will often require additional conveyor space between the filling process and the capping or sealing of products. These extra conveyors allow time for liquids to cool or solidify to avoid damage to either the product or the container. While one long conveyor can get the job done, serpentine conveyors can use multiple lanes and layers to save premium space on the production floor. In addition to cooling, serpentine conveyors can accumulate products at any point on the packaging line as well, to assist in quality control, packing, shipping, or any other necessary task.

For the extended dwell time, serpentine conveyors remove the need for one extremely long conveyor between the liquid filling machine and the bottle capper. Serpentine conveyors will include several conveyor belts set side by side, running in opposite directions. These belts are separated by a railing system to allow the cooling products to travel back and forth in a condensed space. Adding a second layer of belts above the first can increase the necessary dwell time while taking advantage of vertical space rather than horizontal, further increasing floor space for other tasks.

Cooling conveyors, including serpentine conveyors, can also add efficiency to the packaging process by saving time as well as space. Fan cooling systems can aid serpentine conveyors in shortening the necessary dwell time between filling and capping. The air flow from the fans simply speeds up the cooling process for hot fill or molten products, benefiting the entire packaging line and process.

Even packagers that prepare non-molten products or do not fill products hot will find value in serpentine conveyors. For packagers that need to evaluate fill volumes, the tightness of caps, or other product specifications, serpentine conveyors can be used to accumulate products anywhere on a packaging line for quality control checks. The most common accumulation point, however, may be at the end of an automatic packaging system, where finished products can be collected and prepared for shipping. This gathering point can help a packager combine individual items into groups, place products in boxes or cases or otherwise pack the products as they get ready to leave the facility.

Does your packaging line require a serpentine conveyor system for cooling or accumulation? At Liquid Packaging Solutions, we manufacture each serpentine conveyor to meet the needs of the individual project. Contact LPS today to discuss your project and the different conveyor options available.