Simple Filling Machine Upgrades - Additional Fill Heads

One of the great features of most of the packaging equipment manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions is the ability of the equipment to grow with the packager's business. Machines can be upgraded in a number of different ways to add to the production capacity. One of the simplest ways to get more out of a filling machine is to add more fill heads as production demand increases. Liquid Packaging Solutions attempts to make this upgrade as easy as possible on as many filling machines as possible.

The most popular automatic filling machine manufactured at LPS, the overflow filler, is designed to allow anywhere from two to sixteen fill heads on the frame of the machine. A packager that begins with only two fill heads can easily attach additional heads and tubing in the future, though some upgrades may require a new manifold as well. However, the overflow filler upgrades will take little time to put in to place, with the end result being two, three or even more times the output!

Filling machines using other fill principles are also upgradeable, though some may top out at less than sixteen total fill heads. The process for adding additional fill heads may vary based on the fill principle being used, but each of the machines can be designed from the beginning to accommodate more fill heads. This is achieved in a number of different ways. First, the frame of the automatic liquid filler will be designed with the space to allow for the addition of fill heads. Second, the PLC will be programmed to control additional fill heads even if those fill heads do not exist when the machine is first put to use. Other design traits may be included on a project specific basis to allow the packager to add to the output in the future.

Even semi-automatic filling machines will allow for the addition of more heads as the business expands and demand increases. The end goal of such a design on any filling machine is to allow the packager to get as much use out of the filler as possible before production outgrows the equipment, if it ever outgrows the equipment. Upgradeable machinery also adds an economical benefit by allowing a packager to spend only what is necessary at the time of purchase, retaining cash flow without the worry of having to buy completely new equipment when demand increases.

Of course, different filling machines offer different benefits and the right machine for any project will depend on not only production demand, but also the product or products, the bottles or containers being used and a number of other project specific attributes. To learn more about any of the filling machines manufactured by LPS in the La Porte, Indiana plant, the ability to upgrade these machines or the best option for your specific project, contact a Packaging Specialist at the LPS offices today.