Small Business - Affordable Growth with Packaging Machinery

Starting a small business often requires an owner to focus attention on several different tasks at once. In addition to business planning, sales, marketing, accounting and other duties, the owner must ensure that their products are ready for new and existing customers. At Liquid Packaging Solutions, we build equipment to help simplify the packaging process for small businesses, allowing owners to spend more time on other business tasks.

From the outset, a small business or startup company may simply use employees to rinse, fill, cap, and label bottles by hand. Not only can this process be tedious, but it can also become expensive as the demand for a product rises and employee numbers must increase. For a small business, the leap from hand packaging to a fully automatic process may be cost-restrictive, space-restrictive, or simply not necessary. At Liquid Packaging Solutions, we fill the gap between these two packaging processes with semi-automatic packaging machinery.

For small businesses without a lot of floor space to dedicate to packaging, tabletop packaging machinery can help to add efficiency to
process. Liquid filling machines, capping equipment, and labeling machinery can all be built to function in this small space while offering reliable and consistent performance. Filling equipment, for example, will allow the operator of the machine to prepare multiple bottles each cycle while offering different ways to complete the process, including fill-to-level overflow fillers, volumetric fills, and other principles. Tabletop cappers can be built to seal various closure types, including screw-on variations, snap caps, ROPP closures and corks.

For those with more floor space, semi-automatic equipment can also be manufactured on full frames for added automation. While still requiring an operator, full frame semi-automatic equipment offers more options to packagers, including additional rinse or fill heads to increase overall efficiency. These machines may be combined with complementary equipment such as turntables and conveyors to present a continuous supply of bottles to the different packaging machines. Finally, many of our machines allow for future upgrades, up to and including the addition of indexing and a PLC to transition to a fully automatic line, letting the equipment grow with the company.

For a small business, automating the packaging process does not need to happen all at once. Owners can choose which portion of the process to automate to best suit their own individual needs, increasing efficiency without breaking the bank. LPS semi-automatic equipment allows a small business to grow their packaging line with their business, up to and including full automation if and when necessary. To learn more about packaging equipment for small businesses, or to find the ideal solution for your own business, contact us for a no-obligation consultation today!