Space Saving Packaging Machinery - the Tabletop Filler

Space Saving Packaging Machinery - The Tabletop Filler

While the dream of many packagers may be to have their product on every shelf across the country and around the world, few are lucky enough to begin with such a large market.  To the contrary, many start up companies are looking for economical, space saving ways to package a product for a local or regional market, which they can then attempt to expand and grow.  Tabletop liquid filling machines offer an efficient, consistent and reliable manner to fill products for local or regional distribution.


Tabletop filling machines can use the same filling principles as some of the most popular automatic liquid fillers.  Whether a new packager is looking for a level fill or an accurate volumetric fill, tabletop equipment can manufactured to use an overflow, gravity, pump or piston filling principle.  This means that the tabletop bottle fillers can handle the same range of products as the automatic equipment, including foamy products and products that contain particulates, such as salad dressings and gritty soap products.


While tabletop machinery will not work well for companies mass producing products with a high demand, they do offer the ability to upgrade and increase production.  These bottle fillers can range from one to six heads, depending on the filling principle used on the machine.  So a packager that can meet initial production with a single fill head will be able to increase production up to six times over the initial demand on the same filling machine.  This ability to upgrade allows the machinery to grow with the company without immediately having to purchase additional, or higher capacity packaging equipment.


Many of the same options that are available for automatic filling machines can be added to tabletop equipment as well.  Simple indexing systems can make moving and positioning bottles easier for the operator of the equipment.  Corrostion resistant machines can be manufactured for acids, bleaches and other harsh chemicals.  All pneumatic machines can be built for facilities that use air to power all equipment as well.  And of course, tabletop machines can be custom manufactured for unique packaging projects. 

Whether you are a startup company or a veteran packager with a new project, tabletop filling machines can offer an economic and efficient solution for new products without giving up the features and options found on automatic liquid fillers.