Spindle Capper Parts Special - Gripper Belts

Many of the packaging machines manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. contain wear parts. That is, moving parts or parts that come in contact with bottles, lids or other components of the packaging process. The movement and contact cause these parts to wear down over time, hence the name, and they will eventually requiring replacement to keep the machine functioning efficiently and consistently. Spindle cappers, for example, utilize both plastic discs and belts in order to reliably seal bottles. While good cleaning and maintenance of the bottle cappers can extend the life of these wear parts, after logging thousands of cycles, even the best maintained machines will require replacement of these components.

Spindle capping machines are available in both automatic and semi-automatic models and can tighten different types of screw-on closures such as simple flat caps, flip-top caps, trigger sprayers, sports caps and more. The machines use sets of spinning discs to tighten down screw-on type closures as they pass through the bottle capper on a power conveyor or, with some semi-automatic models, as the operator introduces the cap and bottle to the discs. To keep the bottles steady during the capping process, gripper belts are also used on the machine as well. The discs come in contact with the caps, while the belts typically create stability by gripping the bottle itself. The wear occurs over time due to the combination of movement and contact. In addition, most spindle cappers are made to continuously cap bottles on an automatic packaging line, so hours can be logged quickly on such parts.

LPS currently has both discs and belts in stock, and throughout the month of September will offer both wear parts at a discounted price. Simply call LPS toll-free at 1-888-393-3693 and mention this post when ordering to receive your discount. While gripper belts are pretty standard on the spindle capping machine, the discs used to tighten caps come in different durometers, or varying hardness. Softer discs may be used for caps or bottles that can be easily damaged or marred, while the harder versions may be used for tough to tighten bottle and cap combinations. The hardness of the discs is indicated by color, so be sure to indicate which color discs are needed when placing your order.

Of course, LPS stocks many additional parts for all of the machinery manufactured at the Indiana plant. We encourage packagers to keep wear parts on their own shelf to avoid costly downtime and to easily and quickly replace those parts that are known to wear and erode. Not sure which parts constitute wear parts on your machinery? Or which parts should be kept on hand for replacement? Whether you have a spindle capper, filling equipment, power conveyors, rinsing machines or any other packaging equipment, our Packaging Specialists will be happy to review your machinery or system with you and suggest parts that should be kept on hand.