Spindle Capper Replacement Parts

Spindle Capper Replacement Parts

The spindle capping machine is probably the most popular piece of capping equipment manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.  Spindle cappers can add both speed and consistency to the capping process by utilizing a cap delivery system that allows for reliable, continuous capping on a packaging system.  Another advantage of the spindle capping machine is that it contains only a few wear parts.  The wear parts that do exist on the spindle capper are easily replaced, limiting the downtime of the machine.

Spindle capping machines stabilize bottles as they pass through the capping area using gripper belts.  Depending on the type of bottle being used, there will be either a single set of gripper belts or double gripper belts.  These belts contact the bottle on each side to ensure that a steady transfer of the bottles through the spindle discs.  Double gripper belts come into play when a container is extremely tall or oddly shaped.  The dual sets of belts will be used in these situations to establish four points of contact to increase stability.  The belts, because they contact the bottles on a nearly constant basis, are what is known as a wear part.  Over time, the belts will slowly wear away and require replacement.  The replacement of the gripper belts on a spindle capping machine generally requires the removal of a few bolts.  Double gripper belts will require the removal of the lower set of belts, followed by replacement of the upper belt and reassembly of the lower portion.  The containers being run, the temperature and the environment of the packaging facility itself can all have an effect on the rate at which the gripper belts deteriorate.  As with any packaging machine component, proper maintenance and cleaning will prolong the useful life of the gripper belts and minimize the need for replacement.

The other contact part found on a spindle capping machine are the spindle discs used to apply torque to the caps as the cap and bottle move through the packaging machine.  A standard spindle capper will normally consist of three or sour sets of spindle discs.  Each set will commonly be slightly lower than the set preceding it, to ensure contact with the cap as it is screwed on to the bottle.  The spindle discs actually come into contact with the outside edge of the cap, and different disc durometers exist for different cap materials and types.  Teh durometer of the disc is more or less a measurement of the hardness of the disc.  Like gripper belts, spindle discs can be worn down by the constant contact, the temperature or the packaging environment.  In addition, using the wrong disc durometer for a given project can cause excessive wear as well.  Replacement of the spindle discs simply requires the removal of a supporting plate to access the disc, followed by removal and replacement of the disc.  Once the supporting plate is back in place, the spindle capping machine is ready to perform once again.

These two wear parts account for a majority of the maintenance and replacement issues on the spindle capping machine.  While other parts, such as gear boxes and motors, may occasionally require replacement, conistent replacement of any part of the spindle capping machine is a sure indicator of improper use or maintenance of the machine.  If you are having issues with a spindle capping machine or any other piece of packaging equipment, call a Packaging Specialist toll free today for assistance in finding your solution.