Spring Cleaning And the LPS Parts Sale

It's that time of the year. Time to go through those spaces that are rarely visited throughout the year and see what space can be cleared to make room for new clutter. Yep, time for some Spring Cleaning! At LPS, we would hate to see all that newly cleared space go to waste, so throughout the month of April, LPS will be offering a discount on almost all spare and wear packaging machinery parts.

As Spring turns in to summer, the last thing anyone wants to do is spend extra time at work servicing machinery or making up for lost production time. One of the best and easiest ways to fight against such situations is to keep wear parts for a packaging machine or line on hand at the production facility. For example, some nozzle seals on overflow filling machines may need to be replaced over time, due to the constant contact with the bottles, reaction to product or any other number of reasons. Keeping additional seals on site can make replacement a very simple task, as the seals simply slide on and off. However, having to order seals and wait for delivery can hinder the production process for multiple days by disabling one or more nozzles until the seals are ordered, shipped and received.

The situation can be even worse with some machines. For example, the spindle capper uses spinning disks to tighten down screw-on, continuous thread caps. The constant contact with the caps will eventually cause the disks to become ineffective in the tightening process. Without spare disks on hand, losing one disk could disable the entire machine until a replacement can be ordered and shipped. In other words, Liquid Packaging Solutions highly recommends keeping the most common wear parts for any packaging machine on hand at the production facility.

If you are in need of spare parts, or are not sure which parts would be best to keep on hand for your own specific machinery, contact the LPS Parts & Service Department Toll Free at 1-888-393-3693 or email m101@liquidpackagingsolution.com for more information or suggestions.

The Parts Sale will run throughout the month of April and packagers need only mention this blog to receive discounts on select spare parts for their equipment.