Stainless Steel Conveyor Systems


Belt conveyor systems can be manufactured using several different construction materials.  For some applications, low profile, anodized aluminum conveyor systems will suffice to convey product.  In 
rare cases, HDPE may be used to move corrosive products like acid and bleach.  For most packaging 
projects, however, stainless steel power conveyors will provide the strength and resistance necessary to consistently and reliably move product down a packaging line.  Stainless steel allows the conveyors to handle a heavy load while most product splashes and spills will not corrode the material or shorten the life of the conveyor.  

Standard stainless steel power conveyors can be manufactured with a C-Frame design, with a raised 
belt and/or with a sanitary design.  Standard lengths for the stainless steel power conveyors include five, ten, fifteen and twenty foot conveyors.  While the standard designs and lengths will suffice for most packaging projects, Liquid Packaging Solutions understands that each packaging system is unique and that on many occasions belt conveyor systems will be custom manufactured to provide the most effective and efficient solution for conveying product.  LPS works with each 
individual customer to design the belt conveyor system that will work best with the customer’s packaging process.  

Most power conveyors will be a part of a system that moves product from one packaging phase to another.  An automated packaging line will use a belt conveyor system to move product from the container cleaning equipment to the liquid filler, from the filler to the capping machine, and from the capper to the labeling equipment.  While all of this equipment may be placed on the production floor in a straight line, it is not always preferable or possible to do so.  The more likely scenario is that the conveyor system will have to be designed to move around certain areas or objects on the production floor.  Or the belt conveyor system may have to take on a horseshoe design in order to fit the packaging system into the allotted space.  Standard stainless steel conveyors can be combined with custom length conveyors and curved power conveyor sections to move 
products between packaging machines and around turns and corners. 

Stainless steel power conveyors can also be manufactured with a wide range of conveyor belt sizes 
and styles.  Heat resistant belt, static resistant belt, plastic and stainless steel chain and many other materials can all be used on the stainless steel power conveyors.  Conveyor belt width will be matched to the containers being used on the belt conveyor system, and adjustable guide rails allow the stainless steel power conveyors to be used even when container sizes used in production vary greatly in width.

Packaging Specialists at Liquid Packaging Solutions will walk you through every step of choosing the proper characteristics and options for your belt conveyor system, from construction material to belt material and length to width.  To learn more about stainless steel power conveyors and all of the conveyor systems offered by LPS, call toll free today at 1-888-393-3693.