Standard Packaging Machinery

In browsing the Liquid Packaging Solutions website, any visitor will notice that there are many "standard" packaging machines from which to choose. However, "standard" is a somewhat misleading term. For example, a "standard" overflow filler may be used on two different products, but each overflow filler will contain custom components and features specific to the product and use of the machine! In essence, the standard machines found on many of the Liquid Packaging Solutions website pages offer you, our customer, a starting point for building the perfect packaging system for your needs! To give you a little bit of an idea of HOW we manufacture a machine SPECIFICALLY for a customer, we will look at fillers and cappers below!


Numerous liquid filling machines can be found on the Liquid Packaging Solutions website. Our standard liquid fillers can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Though the machine is standard, there are many components that will be specific to the customer product and use! The Overflow Filler Nozzle size, for example, will depend on the size or sizes of the bottles to be filled. The material for rubber seals, which create the seal on the bottle for the overflow filler and allow the machine to function as it should, will be dependant upon the type of product being run as well!

If a supply pump is used on a filling machine, the size and type of pump will depend not only on the product, but also on the physical set up of the packaging system itself! Tanks for filling machines must be fabricated based on the amount of product run per day or per shift, as well as the physical set-up of the packaging system.

How many fill nozzles will the machine use? Well, this too depends on the amount of production to be run on the machine (normally based on a bottles per minute calculation!). It will also depend on the efficiency of the other packaging machinery in the packaging system! A filler that runs 120 bottles per minute will be wasted if it is followed by a capper that is only capable of 30 bottles per minute!

Another consideration is the type of pump used on any standard pump filler. This decision will be made after considering the properties of the product. Is the product highly viscous? Does the product contain particulates? The same is true for the tubing to be used on any filling machine. Does the product require completely sanitary conditions? Will the product be heated, and if so, how quickly does it cool? In addition, new or unique products can pose unique challenges for your liquid filling machine!

As you can see, even when looking at a "standard" filling machine, there are still many questions to be answered in order to manufacture a machine to fit a specific products' - and a given customers' - needs!


Just like the filling machines, Liquid Packaging Solutions offers "standard" capping machines. The standard machines can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

As you can probably guess, many of the custom components on a customer specific capping machine will depend on the bottle and the cap! However, it is not just the bottle and cap SIZE that are taken into account when manufacturing a capper! The bottle material and strength can play a part in the type of gripper disc or spindle wheel as well as the gripper belts on a spindle capper.

The chuck size on any chuck capper will also be dependant on the size and type of cap! Even the thread of the bottle and cap can create the need for a custom capping machine! Additional support in the form of a stabilizer or snap belt may be necessary to start threaded caps on the bottles correctly, allowing a spindle capper to accurately and efficiently cap the bottles.

Large bottles and/or caps may require modification to the capper chute (which holds the caps in place as they are ready to be set on the containers!) or the spindles wheels and belts (custom width and/or height adjustments).

Again, the modifications available on fillers, cappers or any other piece of packaging machinery are numerous. If you find a "standard" machine that you believe will fit nicely into your packaging system, take the next step and call Liquid Packaging Solutions! We will help to add those custom touches that will take your standard packaging machine and turn it into the PERFECT packaging machine for your own personal needs!

Reps can be reached toll-free at 1-888-393-3693!